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02 April 2007

PowerMaster 5mw Blue Beam Laser Pointer 473nm

I have bought one. It is very useful. The laser is blue which is very different from the original green one. In my opinion, it is a new technology by now.

30 March 2007

Solar-powered Air Conditioner

I've surprised to find the useful gadget from this article which said it not only cools down the temperature in the day, but also keeps functioning at night.I think i have the great request for the solar air conditioner.

Commodore Gaming PCs: That’s What To Extend Your Fantasy

I’ve never seen any other pc covered by such graphics.Commodore is a sharp vision revolution, if I may say so.

Optimus LCD Keyboard, Wait Another Year?

It 's no doubt that most people have a keybord,but have you imagine your keyboards are flashing.I suggest ,if you want,buy the hitest one ------Optimus LCD Keyboard

Tripod Accessory For Sony Ericsson Cameraphones

I like taking pictures,with the the tripod that Sony Ericsson released recently ,i think i can end the worries bout taking un gualified pictures.

A New Member Of iPod’s : MiDock 10

Do you have ipod?Nowadays, there is a new member of ipod's.Nowadays i'm attractied to buy the MiDock 10 which has dual 3.25-inch high excursion drivers, featuring a 2-tone black grille/ white body color scheme.

29 March 2007

Not An Ordinary Keychain

Everyone has a key, however, not everyone has a keychain. I suggest,if you want, buy a useful one. I have seen a keychain which has the super bright LED light, a built-in compass and thermometer and a should-be-cautiously-used whistle. I think it is just a small gadget but have a big function.

“Discover The Difference” Is Not Always A Right Inspiration

The mousepad with 4 USB ports. One port is doomed to connect to your pc, then a second one links up with the mouse. I would like to know why I need to links up my mouse to that port. Can I use that port for other computer accessories?

Fresh Saitek Mice In An Easter Basket,Well Done

What a wonderful Easter Basket. Now we have different colour Mices for celebrating the Easter. But the Mices can not move as it is just a mice which is for computers. I wonder who create this fantasity idea.

Prison Pen Hits For Its Name

Everyone heard the TV play series name of Prison Break. But recently, I have heard the funny name which is Prison Pen. Haha. What a funny gadget. The pen can be bends under the slightest pressure. I think no body can hurt it.

PS3 Laser Lens Repairment in Market

I have the problem that my ps3 can not read certain games. And I don't want to send it back to have it fixed. So I try to find someway to fix this problem. At last I found the way to fix my problem which is an easy way from this article. Now my ps3 go back to its regular life.

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