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March 2006



December 2005

GeoPress - Wordpress Plugin for tagging your posts with location

Much has been said about how awesome the new maps is. I personally think that the maps launch is awesome for what is enables in the future. Tons of apis were released along with the new maps product. Rasmus has a cool tutorial that explores a lot of the apis. I have to agree with rasmus that geo-coding the killer app.

FAlbum - WordPress Flickr Plugin at RandomByte

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This is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to display your Flickr photos and photosets on your site. This plugin uses the Flickr API (

November 2005

中文WordPress Planet

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窝子网志|WozLog ? 本站使用的WP插件及应用列表

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skippy dot net ? Plugins

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「Here’s a list of my WordPress plugins. If you find any of these useful, consider making a modest donation!」

Red Alt - Page tools and resources

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Red Alt is an outlet for Owen Winkler's web tools and provides a consolidated and organized archive of other online web development tools and resources.

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