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April 2006

People's Daily Online -- To blog or not to blog?

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To blog or not to blog Is that a question for you? Despite a huge influx of participants, the blogosphere in China is experiencing a small "counter-current" of quitters, spearheaded by celebrity bloggers.

Charlene Li's Blog: Forrester podcasting report - just 1% use podcasts

Our survey showed that only 1% of online households in North America regularly download and listen to podcasts. And when you include all of the people who are just interested or have used podcasts, they strongly favor listening to existing content like Internet radio or broadcast radio, not necessarily new content. (And for newspapers thinking about podcasting, putting print stories into audio format just ranked ahead of original content from bloggers) I think this has something to do with 1) original content just isn’t as well known; and 2) existing content benefits from users that simply want to time shift it.

March 2006

PChome 新聞台推出標籤

有別於一般制式的文章分類,新聞台標籤是「由台長為自己的文章下定義,設定文章關鍵字」的分類方式。 台長幫自己的文章下標籤,一方面可以自己決定希望文章如何被讀者找到,一方面可以找到更多下過同樣標籤的文章,有助於各位台長在茫茫網海中,找到同伴與同好,還有機會增加自己文章曝光率喲。

February 2006

Executive Update Online - Human Potential: You Like Me. You Really Like Me

"Likeability is truly the secret of a charmed, happy, and profitable life," writes Tim Sanders, leadership coach at Yahoo! and author of the upcoming book The Likeability Factor. Here, he describes the four principles that will boost your "L-Factor" while remaining authentic to your true self.

January 2006

The Web 2.0 Revolution Spawns Offshoots

The ideas in the Web 2.0 best practice set continue to capture the imagination of software creators everywhere. Sometimes it seems like you can't turn around without discovering some great new, pervasive, online software being released for the world to use. But the core ideas of Web 2.0 are also spreading and being co-oped at a surprisingly rapid pace into a wider community that's seizing on the value proposition being offered.

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