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May 2006

BathTubYoga - MySpace vs. Facebook (Or, Why Facebook Needs Artist Pages) - posted Feb. 1, 2006 @ 10:11 AM by Mark

When it comes to social life on the Internet there are two websites that matter: Facebook, with it's 6 million (11 million?) members, and MySpace with its 47 million. Friendster is old news and TagWorld doesn't matter. Which is better? For college students graduating this spring -- should you stick with Facebook or switch to MySpace? For high-school students -- should you switch to the new Facebook highschool-edition, or stick with MySpace? For two websites that essentially do the same thing, it seems like a real comparison is in order.

March 2006

在路上… » 随便说说: Myspace

Myspace的优势: * 用户基数大。已经超过5600万,用户年龄通常在16-34岁之间。每月新增超过200万的用户。(其CEO第沃尔夫说的) * 服务和功能够多。而且,主要的是满足了人们层次较深、范围较广(能够在线上实现的部分)的需要。 * 知名度和影响力高,并且通过朋友间的介绍、邀请,进行扩张。 * 内容丰富。主要指用户的profile,即个人介绍。通过它,你可以找到你想找的“人”!这是一个核心的东西。

business2blog: B2Day : How MySpace Beat Friendster

ABC News: Is Really That Popular?

Is MySpace as Big as We Think? "Certainly there are a large amount of people spending a large amount of time on this site," said Nate Elliot, an analyst for Jupiter Research. "When you look at the huge numbers they throw out there — 50 [million], 60 million registered users — those are a mirage." Elliot admits that the site generates a lot of activity, and that it may indeed have tens of millions of registered users, but those numbers can be deceptive and only tell part of the story.

December 2005



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