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April 2006

mr.chobits - 我的足跡@台灣

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有時候跟別人推薦景點,(對於我這個路癡)常常會講到一 些路程很遠,不太適合一日遊的地方。或是在網路上看到別人的照片,「嗯,拉拉山,這個好像在桃園,會不會離我們家很遠啊?」,所謂「沒圖沒真相」,我常常 在想,這時要是可以把旅遊相簿和電子地圖合起來就好了。

March 2006

Flickr Hacks Color Figures - a photoset on Flickr

Complete full-color figures from Flickr Hacks by Paul Bausch and Jim Bumgardner.

透明藍樂摸: 【flickr】flickr的應用

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Flickrmap - get a flash world map of your flickr photos

by 21 others is a web service that allows you to put a flash based world map on your own website or blog. Flickrmap will then automatically search your photos at Flickr for location information and plot the photos on your own Flickrmap, on your own website.

February 2006

Design Inspiration - a photoset on Flickr

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A selection of my favorite sites. When looking for design inspiration, these are the sites I turn to.

Yuan.CC Flickr Experiments

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In Flickr, we can add notes on a photo to explan details of it. This scriptlet can display not only your flickr photo in your web page or blog, but also the notes you made on it.

January 2006



December 2005

FAlbum - WordPress Flickr Plugin at RandomByte

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This is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to display your Flickr photos and photosets on your site. This plugin uses the Flickr API (

Point, Click, Design

How do you create the future of Web apps? By accident. Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield (above) are the husband-and-wife team behind Flickr, the photo-sharing site that launched in February 2004 and quickly got so popular that Yahoo acquired it a year later. Flickr wasn't born as a fully realized idea--in fact, it wasn't even originally for photo sharing. But its building blocks make up a successful Web 2.0 application. Here's how it evolved.

November 2005

Blog of Flickr Hacks

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薄荷的Flickr 主題 Blog,值得一看再看!

Library Views 圖書館觀點 :: Library 2.0 :: November :: 2005

最近一個月以來,有越來越多人在談論 Library 2.0。如同 web 2.0 一樣,目前還沒有一個明確的定義。但基本的精神是:在圖書館中應用 web 2.0 的技術或服務。

马跃伯乐谷 ? Blog Archive ? 在线照片服务Zoto

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我是在Photoblogs.org那里连接到Zoto的。在另一个地方有人给Zoto的评价是:looks like a challenger to Flickr(看起来会成为Flickr的竞争者)。

Somewhere Out There ? Ten RSS Hacks

Here, for no reason at all, are 10 RSS power user tips that you can use to enhance your life. Some of these you might already know, others you may not.

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