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Sevgi Sözleri

Sevgi Sitesi, Sevgi Sözleri etc.

Aşk Sözleri

Aşk Sözleri is "Love Words" in Turkish. The site has lots of love words

Çorum Türküleri

Çorum is a landlocked northern Anatolian city that is the capital of the Çorum Province of Turkey. This page contains Çorum's traditional music' and lyrics...

CSS Dersleri

CSS (Style Sheet) lessons and tutorials

Coğrafya Sitesi

Geography resources for Turkish geography teachers...


Türkü Sitesi

Traditional Turkish people music lyrics and listings.

Egitim Sitesi

Education resources for Turkish people. You can download lots of document here!!!!

JavaScript Dersleri

JavaScript resource, translated from w3schools

Bilgiler (Bilgi Sitesi)

Bilgiler is a valuable resource for content that helps people to solve the large and small needs of everyday life.

Tarih Sitesi

Turkish history and civilization articles here...



Welcome to Love.GEN.TR, A site that include a lot of love. Poetry, lyrics and more...


Şarkı Sözleri

"Şarkı Sözleri" is lyrics in Turkish. This site has lot of lyrics... You can comment and vote lyrics and read singer's biography. Thanks for visiting...