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November 2008

Winchesters Discover ‘Wishful Thinking’ has Consequences on Supernatural

Over the years Supernatural’s Sam and Dean have posed as a lot of things - FBI agent, Health Department, even priest - but “Wishful Thinking” was the first time they’ve ever posed as “Teddy Bear Doctors.”

October 2008

Did Dean Pass the Test in Supernatural ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin’

It’s Halloween on Supernatural and the Winchesters have more to worry about than the raising of Samhain and vengeful angels. They - or specifically Dean - are being tested by God in “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester” and they don’t know it.

Supernatural’s Dean Catches ‘Yellow Fever’

Ever wondered what it'd be like if Dean Winchester wasn't so fearless and bad ass? Well last night Supernatural fan's caught a glimpse of a scared Dean in "Yellow Fever." (Includes outtake video of Jensen Ackles doing Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger")

Supernatural’s ‘Metamorphosis’ Finds the Winchester Boys Divided

at Red Lights An exhausted mother of twins talks about life in the family laneHome About Supernatural’s ‘Metamorphosis’ Finds the Winchester Boys Divided Last night during Supernatural’s “Metamorphosis,” I saw a real rift developing between the Winchester brothers and it scared me, more than the rugaru.

Supernatural’s Dean Must Go Back to “The Beginning”

Last night’s episode of Supernatural blew me away. In “In The Beginning,” Dean must go back in time to when he’s parents were dating to “stop it” - the cryptic order from Castiel. The trip back to April 30, 1973 gave loyal fans a few answers to questions we’ve been asking since Season 2 and a lot more questions.

September 2008

Supernatural’s Dean Grapples with his Mission from God in “Are You There, God”

Apparently I’m not the only one reeling from Supernatural’s revelation that Dean was pulled from Hell by Castiel, the Angel of Thursday, on orders from God. Dean himself is still grappling with the fact in “Are You There, God? It’s Me . . . Dean Winchester.”

Supernatural Brings Dean Back in ‘Lazarus Rising’

Last night Supernatural returned for its fourth season with “Lazarus Rising,” an episode that marks Dean’s return from Hell. And let me tell you the episode was awesome. My only complaint about the episode is that it wasn’t longer.

Supernatural Returns and Dean is Back!

For an entire season of Supernatural last year I sat on the edge of my seating wondering how Sam and Dean were going to get Dean out of the deal he made at the end of the second season with the crossroads demon trading his life after a year for Sam’s. Imagine my surprise last May, when no loop hole was found and Dean was sent to Hell!

May 2008

Five Season Finales Sure to Keep Fans in Suspense

This season fans will have to bid good bye to more than their shows for the summer. Several series will be saying farewell to longtime characters - or at least these characters’ fates hang in the balance.

March 2008

Supernatural Lives, But Will Dean?

Happy days are here - at least in my household. CW announced Monday that it has picked up my favorite show - Supernatural. But fans can now rest a little easy knowing the fate of its favorite series has been secured - at least for another year - and start focusing on the fate of Dean (Jensen Ackles) and the possibility of a spin off.

February 2008

On ‘Supernatural,' Dean’s Fate and Other Pressing Questions

Supernatural returned last night for the first of four episodes before CW puts it on hiatus (boo, hiss) and I have to say that it was absolutely stellar episode. Every episode reminds me why I love this show so much.

January 2008

‘Supernatural: Nevermore’ a Must Read for Fans

If other fans of CW’s Supernatural are anything like me they are going to love the new novel series based on the show. First up is “Supernatural: Nevermore” by Keith R.A. DeCandido.

October 2007

Look who will be vamping it up on ‘Supernatural’

The premiere of the third season of Supernatural is less than a week awhile. While I can’t wait for the return of the Winchester boys, I am equally excited about this season’s guest stars. At the top of the list is an Angel/Buffy alumnus Mercedes McNabb. *** The following might contain some spoilers***

August 2007

‘Supernatural’ Winchester Boys Get Some Company This Fall

Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padelecki) Winchester will get some company in Season 3 of Supernatural as they deal with the consequences of opening the gates of hell in last season’s finale. *** The following might contain some spoilers***

July 2007

My Top 15 Cult Shows

Recently released an updated list of its Top 30 Cult Shows ever. In honor of the list, I’ve compiled my own Top 15 cult shows — these are the top cult shows that I’ve personally flipped out for.

June 2007

Five Shows Worth Catching in Reruns the Summer

Since the summer months are filled with reruns on television, you might as well take advantage of the repeats to try out some existing shows that you didn’t get a chance to watch this year. Here are shows I recommend checking out this summer if you aren’t already watching

May 2007

The War Has Just Began on 'Supernatural'

Ding, dong, the demon is dead. In the Supernatural second season finale, Dean (Jensen Ackles) finale puts a bullet in the heart of the elusive yellow-eyed demon (Fredric Lehne) that killed his parents. But at what costs?

Top 10 Season Finales I Can't Wait to Watch

Here are the Top 10 season finales that I'll be scheduling time on the couch for and queuing the DVR – Supernatural, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Smallville, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Number, NCIS, and The Price is Right. **Be forewarned the descriptions of the episodes might contain some spoilers.**

Relive Your Childhood with Free Comic Book Day May 5th

This Saturday, May 5, 2007, is Free Comic Book Day. The event, held annually on the first Saturday in May, is more than a gathering of geeks. Free Comic Book day is a chance to relive a piece of your childhood and share that experience with your children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren or any other youth in your life.

April 2007

Tune into 'Supernatural' for a nice blend of spooky and subtle pop culture humor

While I know that my favorite show, Supernatural, is not a ratings buster, I was still shocked to find it on USA Today’s “Save our Shows” list. Trust me, this cross between X-Files and Angel is worth your time.