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May 2008

David Cook Wins it All, Named 2008 American Idol

Welcome to the two-hour Fox promo machine - I mean, the season finale of American Idol. And believe it or not among all the stars, a new star was crowned in what had to be one of the closest finales in seven seasons.

Davids Duke it Out for Idol Title

Tonight the Davids faced on in the finals of American Idol in a battle that pit a rock star versus boy wonder. But who will pull away with the title?

The Davids to Battle it Out in Idol Final

And then there were two. In a very predictable finish to the American Idol Top 3, Syesha Mercado is eliminated leaving David Cook and David Archuleta to vie for the title next week.

Idol Top 3 Fail to Wow with Lackluster Performances

American Idol is down to its Top 3 contenders and the contest should be heating up, but the competition tonight was uninspired and predictable. With three songs a piece, did any of the contestants really stand out?

Ding Dong, The Dreads are Gone on Idol

As a relief to much of America (or at least this American), the dreadlocked Jason Castro was finally given the boot as American Idol dwindles its numbers to three.

Syesha Proves She’s Still in the Running on Idol

Tonight the Top 4 had the songs from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at their fingertips on American Idol. But could the contestants make the best of these great tunes?

Paula Deemed Safe, Brooke Sent Packing as Idol Dwindles to 4

While the fate of one of the Top 5 hung in the balance of this American Idol results show, Ryan felt the need to reassure us that Paula’s status as a judge is secure despite her mishap in the bizarre judging format on Tuesday night.

April 2008

Cook finds a Hit Among Diamond’s Offerings on Idol

Tonight Neil Diamond offered the Top 5 American Idol contestants variety with songs from some 25 albums to choose from. In fact, the contenders each got to select two Diamond songs, but did they make the right selection?

Even Webber Couldn’t Save Carly Smithson on Idol

Popularity won out over talent as the results of the American Idol Top 6 sent the Irish rose Carly Smithson home after Tuesday’s solid performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

Who Could Actually Win American Idol?

Well the Top 12 have been halved on American Idol and the end is near. But are we any closer to knowing who will be crowned the Season 7 Idol?

Kristy Lee Tells Simon What She Thinks on Idol

It was a bad night for Kristy Lee Cook. Not only was her number finally up on American Idol as she was eliminated from the Top 7, but now she can’t even buy her back the beloved barrel horse that she sold to get to her audition.

David Cook Rocks Mariah Carey on Idol

A diva known for her power ballads mentored the Top 7 on American Idol tonight. What can we expect from Mariah Carey’s efforts - second-rate versions of her hits or just karaoke hell?

Is American Idol’s Credibility Shot?

Whether it was the unexpected departure of Michael Johns or the seemingly cruel way Ryan Seacrest told Michael that it was the end of the road, it seems fans are starting to question their faith in the show?

Shocking Exit Tarnishes Give Back Vibe on American Idol

The American Idol Elite 8 results show started like a second part to Wednesday’s “Idol Give Back,” but finished with an elimination that left the audience shocked.

Elite 8 Inspire on American Idol

Tonight’s American Idol was more about preparing the audience for “Idol Gives Back” with each of the Elite 8 singing their favorite inspirational song. But will the performances inspire voters?

Ramiele Finally Goes Home, American Idol Down to Elite 8

Tonight American Idol did what my husband calls “trimming the fat” (and no he’s not referring to anyone’s weight). The bottom pair have been hanging on for weeks and it was time for one of them to go.

March 2008

American Idol says Adios to Amanda

Whoever thought that the girls were the stronger of the two genders on Season 7 of American Idol only has to look at tonight’s bottom three to rethink that assessment. Apparently a second night of singing songs from the all-male Beatles did not bode well for the ladies.

February 2008

Nine Ways American Idol Can Improve the Audition Phase

Wednesday night American Idol closed the 7th season auditions with one more look at the good, the bad and the ugly. At first, I was dreading yet one more night of auditions. But then I started thinking about what kind of changes would entice me to tune back in next season. Here's my Top 9 Ways to Improve American Idol auditions.

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