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February 2009

American Idol First Result Show Full of Heartbreak

Tonight marked the first results show of American Idol’s eighth season, but instead of sending just one or two contestants home the night ended with only three survivors.

Alexis Finds Some Soul during Idol’s First 12

The auditions are in the bag and Hollywood is but a faint memory as American Idol begins to whittle down the Top 36 to our Final 12. Tonight, the first 12 contestants pull out all the stops in their first live performance and Alexis Grace comes out swinging.

Nick, Nathaniel, Tatiana Make the Cut as Idol Announces Top 36

It was do or die time on American Idol as Hollywood Week came to a close and the judges informed the final 54 who made the cut for the Top 36. Among the surviving were three that have been very visible during Hollywood Week.

Has American Idol Jumped the Shark?

Has American Idol lost its touch? Is it sacrificing the charm of the show for the almighty rating point? Or has the show just reached its prime and is now in the downslide?

Drama Queen Survives Idol’s Hollywood Round 3 « Napping at Red Lights

It looks like more faces survived this third cut of American’s Idol’s Hollywood week than didn’t as the judges sent contestants of only one of four rooms home. Many of the top favorites put in stellar performances to seal their fate. But also among the surviving was drama queen Tatiana Del Torro.

Funnyman Norman Gentle Shines during Idol’s Hollywood Round 1

The most memorable performance of American Idol’s first round of Hollywood Week was not that of a vocal powerhouse. Instead Funnyman Nick Mitchell - aka Norman Gentle - wowed the judges with his humor.

January 2009

Confidence Abounds at Idol NY, San Juan Auditions

Confidence was the name of the game tonight as American Idol combined auditions from San Juan, Puetro Rico and New York City before heading to Hollywood. Unfortunately, much of that confidence was misplaced.

Osmonds Headline Salt Lake City Idol Auditions

You might think you’ve seen everything on the American Idol auditions over the years. But the appearance of an Osmond at the Salt Lake City auditions tonight has me screaming gimmick!

Idol Jonesing for Talent in Jacksonville

I’m starting to get a bad feeling about Season 8 of American Idol after watching the slim pickings at the Jacksonville auditions. Only 16 tickets were given out tonight.

Idol Looking for Thoroughbreds in Kentucky

Tonight American Idol judges set up shop at Church Hill Downs for its fourth city of auditions. But can they find a thoroughbred in the Blue Grass state?

Talent a No Show for Idol San Francisco Auditions

After the auditions last week, I was looking forward to seeing a preview of Hollywood Week potential in the third city of American Idol auditions. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Idol Judges Find Another Castro in Kansas City Auditions

Two nights into the competition, American Idol tries to hit the jackpot with auditions in David Cook’s hometown, Kansas City. But the judges did not find another Cook. Instead they did find another Castro.

American Idol Launches Season 8 in Phoenix

After nearly 15 minutes of fluff, American Idol opened its eighth season with auditions in Phoenix, Arizona in 106 degree heat in tonight’s two-hour premiere.

February 2008

How to Survive ‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week

Tonight I got my first exposure to American Idol’s Hollywood Week, or as Ryan Seacrest called it - Hell Week. And I quickly learned which things will knock you out of the running for the Top 24. Here is the Top 5 Things Not to Do During Hollywood Week if you hope to advance.

Nine Ways American Idol Can Improve the Audition Phase

Wednesday night American Idol closed the 7th season auditions with one more look at the good, the bad and the ugly. At first, I was dreading yet one more night of auditions. But then I started thinking about what kind of changes would entice me to tune back in next season. Here's my Top 9 Ways to Improve American Idol auditions.

Can Atlanta Produce Another American Idol Contender?

Much to my relief, we’ve finally reached the last of the American Idol audition cities. While the parade of misfits (at least concerning the auditions aired) seems to have waned, the talent hasn’t? Golden tickets were issued to 20 hopefuls, but is one of them a real contender for the crown?

January 2008

‘American Idol’ Found 19 Golden Auditions in Omaha

For years I’ve heard that you’ve got to watch the audition phase of American Idol, that it was the best part of the show. Either I’ve been misled or Idol is losing its touch.

Dallas Auditions a Dud for ‘American Idol’

American Idol headed to its second audition city Wednesday night. Dallas might have found Idol its first star seven years ago, but the pickings were pretty slim this time around.

‘American Idol’ Philadelphia Auditions Yield 29 Hopefuls

I watched American Idol for the very first time last year. I didn’t start watching until it was down to the final 24. So tonight was my first glimpse at the auditions. I had no idea what I was in for. Tonight had to be two of the most painful hours of television I’ve ever watched. I’m not saying that there weren’t some talented people that showed up for auditions in Philadelphia. There were several in fact and I’m looking forward to watching them in Hollywood. But it’s going to be a long road to Hollywood.

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