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November 2008

Cheerleader in Peril as ‘the Eclipse’ Starts on Heroes

In Heroes “The Eclipse Part 1,” the eclipse has begun and it’s having the reverse effect of the one we saw in Season 1. But we knew exactly what was going to happen this episode because we saw Arthur’s sketches at the beginning.

Is Heroes in Trouble?

Fans of NBC’s Heroes have the night off this week, but two of the show’s producers have the night off permanently. Is this shake up a sign that the end is near for the once super hit series?

October 2008

Heroes Form, Break Alliances on ‘Eris Quod Sum’

Loyalties are more than divided on Heroes these days. On “Eris Quod Sum” we saw allegiance cross and double cross. And who is at the center of all the chaos - the Petrellis.

Arthur Petrelli’s Power Revealed on Heroes

The Petrellis are a complicated family and apparently the heart of Heroes. Tonight on “Dying of the Light” we see a perfectly healthy Petrelli patriarch use his power on his own son while the rest of his family is incapacitated.

Arthur Petrelli Lives on Heroes, But is He an Angel or a Monster?

On tonight’s “Angels and Monsters,” Heroes dropped a bombshell. The yet unseen patriarch of the Petrelli family - long thought dead by his own hand - was show still alive and running his own “company.” And guess what this company’s logo is?

Who are the Real Villains on Heroes’ ‘I Am Become Death’?

On tonight’s episode of Heroes, “I am Become Death,” Peter and Matt both see (one by dream and one by time travel) four years into the future and given what they see you have to wonder which of our heroes are actually heroes and which are villains.

September 2008

Heroes’ Sylar Goes to Work for Mommy in ‘One of Us’

Paternity seems to be the key to the shockers on the third season of Heroes. Last week we learned that Angela is Sylar’s mom and this week in “One of Us, One of Them” we find another one of our heroes questioning their origins.

Heroes Returns with Double Feature Season 3 Premiere

Tonight Heroes returned with a two-hour premiere - “The Second Coming” and “The Butterfly Effect” - opening Volume 3: Villains with a literal barrage of plot twists.

January 2008

‘Heroes: Saving Charlie’ is no Fairy Tale

Heroes fans looking for more Sci Fi adventure while their favorite show is on hiatus will not find it in the new Heroes novel by Aury Wallington. Instead “Heroes: Saving Charlie” is a story of lust - I mean love.

December 2007

20 Burning Questions About ‘Heroes’

Volume 2 of Heroes has closed, but questions remain. The biggest, of course, being when will Heroes return and what will Volume 3 “Villains” hold? But as the third volume remains in a state of flux due to the writer’s strike, I have plenty of time to ponder those possibilities. However, in the meantime, I have 20 burning questions (in no particular order) that I’m hoping the writers will be answering when the show returns.

November 2007

On Heroes, Who’s Telling the Truth in ‘Truth & Consequences’

In the 10th episode of Heroes, we finally got to meet Victoria Pratt, one of the founders of The Company and the engineer behind the deadly virus that could wipe out 23% of the population. In “Truth & Consequences,” Peter and Adam track down the now-retired Victoria, but they aren’t the only ones who learn more about the virus. But who is telling the truth?

Even ‘Cautionary Tales’ Couldn’t Help HRG in ‘Heroes’

The ninth episode of Heroes was packed full of action as it was revealed how the final two Isaac Mendez painting played out. But even knowing their content couldn’t save Noah and Mohinder from reenacting their roles in the paintings in ‘Cautionary Tales.’

Did Heroes ‘Out of Time’ leave viewers out of patience?

Last week, “The Line” left us wondering who Adam Monroe was. This week’s episode of Heroes not only revealed Adam’s identity, it also gave us a bit of his history. But even with these new revelations “Out of Time” left us with more questions than it gave us answers.

October 2007

Does Heroes cross The Line with another disaster for New York?

After the sixth episode of Heroes, fans everywhere are asking who is Adam Monroe? But Adam’s identity isn’t the only new question fans are left with after watching “The Line.” There’s the state of New York on June 14, 2008 and the contents of Isaac’s paintings to debate too.

Matt Reunites with his mysterious dad in Heroes’ Fight or Flight

In the fifth installment of Heroes, Matt saw his father for the first time since he was 13 and we finally got to meet Molly’s Nightmare Man. But we learn that family connections are anything but easy in “Fight or Flight.”

‘Heroes’ finally reveals the identity of Nightmare Man in ‘The Kindness of Strangers’

During last night’s Heroes, we got a glimpse of this season’s big bad — finally. “The Kindness of Strangers” not only revealed the identity (sort of) of the man giving Molly such vicious nightmares, but we also learn that he has a special tie to one of our heroes.

Sylar Returns on Heroes in ‘Kindred’ « Napping at Red Lights

Sylar, the big evil from last season returns in last night’s episode of Heroes. In “Kindred” we learned the fates of the last of the heroes from last season’s finale and of a fate to come.

‘Heroes’ reveals the powers of ‘Lizards’ and More

The second episode of Heroes reveals the powers of lizards and more. In, “Lizards,” we learn the about the powers of at least three of our new heroes and a few more interesting facts.

September 2007

‘Heroes’ Four Months Later

I’ll be honest with you I was less than thrilled with Heroes’ Season 1 Finale. It didn’t live up the incredible excitement built all year. So the big question is will Heroes be able to avoid a sophomore slump? The premiere of “Four Months Later” gave me a little hope.

May 2007

'Heroes' finale not nearly as explosive as expected

I’ve been prepping myself all week to temper my expectations for the season finale of Heroes. Seriously, the freshman series has been building for an explosive finale all season long. How was it every going to live up to hype? Well, I’m glad I did. While I think that the season ender was a solid episode, it in no way blew me away. There were no surprise revelations like the Numbers finale. It wasn’t even as powerful of an episode as Supernatural’s cliffhanger.

Flailing NBC adds 'Heroes' spin-off to next season's schedule

A struggling NBC announced Monday that it plans to bank on the success of this year’s breakthrough hit drama Heroes by adding a spin-off to next season’s schedule. The spin-off, Heroes: Origins, will air in Heroes‘ Monday night slot either when the sophomore drama finishes its run or during a hiatus.

Top 10 Season Finales I Can't Wait to Watch

Here are the Top 10 season finales that I'll be scheduling time on the couch for and queuing the DVR – Supernatural, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Smallville, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Number, NCIS, and The Price is Right. **Be forewarned the descriptions of the episodes might contain some spoilers.**

Relive Your Childhood with Free Comic Book Day May 5th

This Saturday, May 5, 2007, is Free Comic Book Day. The event, held annually on the first Saturday in May, is more than a gathering of geeks. Free Comic Book day is a chance to relive a piece of your childhood and share that experience with your children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren or any other youth in your life.

March 2007

What is up with Heroes?

Spoilers for Chapter 3 of NBC's hit drama Heroes, including more information about Linderman

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