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February 2009

Nick, Nathaniel, Tatiana Make the Cut as Idol Announces Top 36

It was do or die time on American Idol as Hollywood Week came to a close and the judges informed the final 54 who made the cut for the Top 36. Among the surviving were three that have been very visible during Hollywood Week.

Has American Idol Jumped the Shark?

Has American Idol lost its touch? Is it sacrificing the charm of the show for the almighty rating point? Or has the show just reached its prime and is now in the downslide?

Drama Queen Survives Idol’s Hollywood Round 3 « Napping at Red Lights

It looks like more faces survived this third cut of American’s Idol’s Hollywood week than didn’t as the judges sent contestants of only one of four rooms home. Many of the top favorites put in stellar performances to seal their fate. But also among the surviving was drama queen Tatiana Del Torro.

Funnyman Norman Gentle Shines during Idol’s Hollywood Round 1

The most memorable performance of American Idol’s first round of Hollywood Week was not that of a vocal powerhouse. Instead Funnyman Nick Mitchell - aka Norman Gentle - wowed the judges with his humor.

The Best Commercials from Super Bowl XLIII

Another Super Bowl has come and gone and those of us not celebrating a victory are left to discuss the commercials, of course.

January 2009

Confidence Abounds at Idol NY, San Juan Auditions

Confidence was the name of the game tonight as American Idol combined auditions from San Juan, Puetro Rico and New York City before heading to Hollywood. Unfortunately, much of that confidence was misplaced.

Osmonds Headline Salt Lake City Idol Auditions

You might think you’ve seen everything on the American Idol auditions over the years. But the appearance of an Osmond at the Salt Lake City auditions tonight has me screaming gimmick!

Idol Jonesing for Talent in Jacksonville

I’m starting to get a bad feeling about Season 8 of American Idol after watching the slim pickings at the Jacksonville auditions. Only 16 tickets were given out tonight.

Idol Looking for Thoroughbreds in Kentucky

Tonight American Idol judges set up shop at Church Hill Downs for its fourth city of auditions. But can they find a thoroughbred in the Blue Grass state?

Talent a No Show for Idol San Francisco Auditions

After the auditions last week, I was looking forward to seeing a preview of Hollywood Week potential in the third city of American Idol auditions. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Idol Judges Find Another Castro in Kansas City Auditions

Two nights into the competition, American Idol tries to hit the jackpot with auditions in David Cook’s hometown, Kansas City. But the judges did not find another Cook. Instead they did find another Castro.

November 2008

Is Fringe’s Olivia Hallucinating in ‘Dreamscape’?

In “Dreamscape,” the Fringe team must solve the mystery of the killer butterflies. But the case is secondary to what is really going on in the lives of the team.

Fringe’s Walter Faces His Fears in ‘Equation’

In last night’s Fringe, “The Equation,” Walter Bishop had to face one of his greatest fears - returning to the mental hospital where he was locked up for 17 years. But just what was he afraid of?

Does Fringe’s Broyles Trust Olivia in ‘Meet Mr. Jones’

In the latest episode of Fringe, ”In Which We Meet Mr. Jones,” Olivia is working on another Pattern case when she comes across a connection to past cases. When she asks Broyles about it, he tells her that there’s a lot about the Pattern that she doesn’t know. So tell her already!

The Best New Shows of the Fall

It’s hard to believe that it’s already November and that we are two months into the fall TV season. Sweeps will be starting soon and it’s time to see how this fall’s new shows measured up.

Winchesters Discover ‘Wishful Thinking’ has Consequences on Supernatural

Over the years Supernatural’s Sam and Dean have posed as a lot of things - FBI agent, Health Department, even priest - but “Wishful Thinking” was the first time they’ve ever posed as “Teddy Bear Doctors.”

Dollhouse Preview Shows Lots of Potential

A new promo for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, a mid-season series that will premiere on Fox in 2009, has been released. See the promo here.

Bones finds a ‘Skull in the Sculpture’

The World Series is over and the election has been decided so now we can get back to our regularly scheduled programs on Fox. And the return of Bones is marked with a case that proved pretty emotional for Angela in “The Skull in the Sculpture.”

Is Heroes in Trouble?

Fans of NBC’s Heroes have the night off this week, but two of the show’s producers have the night off permanently. Is this shake up a sign that the end is near for the once super hit series?

October 2008

Did Dean Pass the Test in Supernatural ‘It’s The Great Pumpkin’

It’s Halloween on Supernatural and the Winchesters have more to worry about than the raising of Samhain and vengeful angels. They - or specifically Dean - are being tested by God in “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester” and they don’t know it.

Sick Day Movies

My twins are sick today so we are hosting our own mini Scooby Doo marathon. Scooby Doo has the most movies they can agree on. What is your favorite sick day movie(s)?

Supernatural’s Dean Catches ‘Yellow Fever’

Ever wondered what it'd be like if Dean Winchester wasn't so fearless and bad ass? Well last night Supernatural fan's caught a glimpse of a scared Dean in "Yellow Fever." (Includes outtake video of Jensen Ackles doing Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger")

What Drives Fringe’s Agent Olivia Dunham in ‘The Cure’?

Most days on Fringe start out as bad days for the agents given the nature of the cases they investigate. But on “The Cure,” Agent Olivia Dunham is having a particularly bad day.

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