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January 2008

Dallas Auditions a Dud for ‘American Idol’

American Idol headed to its second audition city Wednesday night. Dallas might have found Idol its first star seven years ago, but the pickings were pretty slim this time around.

December 2007

20 Burning Questions About ‘Heroes’

Volume 2 of Heroes has closed, but questions remain. The biggest, of course, being when will Heroes return and what will Volume 3 “Villains” hold? But as the third volume remains in a state of flux due to the writer’s strike, I have plenty of time to ponder those possibilities. However, in the meantime, I have 20 burning questions (in no particular order) that I’m hoping the writers will be answering when the show returns.

November 2007

On Heroes, Who’s Telling the Truth in ‘Truth & Consequences’

In the 10th episode of Heroes, we finally got to meet Victoria Pratt, one of the founders of The Company and the engineer behind the deadly virus that could wipe out 23% of the population. In “Truth & Consequences,” Peter and Adam track down the now-retired Victoria, but they aren’t the only ones who learn more about the virus. But who is telling the truth?

Even ‘Cautionary Tales’ Couldn’t Help HRG in ‘Heroes’

The ninth episode of Heroes was packed full of action as it was revealed how the final two Isaac Mendez painting played out. But even knowing their content couldn’t save Noah and Mohinder from reenacting their roles in the paintings in ‘Cautionary Tales.’

Review: Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium is Simple Fun

Overall, Mr. Magorium’s is a nice sweet simple tale. Nothing spectacular, but a cute movie nonetheless. If you go in with these expectations, you’ll be fine.

October 2007

Does ‘Chuck’ hold the secret to ‘Lost’?

In the second episode of Chuck, we got a peek at some of the government secrets inside Chuck’s head. And apparently he holds the answer to one of the biggest Lost mysteries.

Look who will be vamping it up on ‘Supernatural’

The premiere of the third season of Supernatural is less than a week awhile. While I can’t wait for the return of the Winchester boys, I am equally excited about this season’s guest stars. At the top of the list is an Angel/Buffy alumnus Mercedes McNabb. *** The following might contain some spoilers***

September 2007

Sara’s Fate Hangs in the Balance in ‘CSI’ Season Premiere

The entire first episode of CSI’s eighth season premiere was dedicated to the fate of one of its own and Grissom’s (William Petersen) love interest — Sarah Sidle (Jorja Fox). Sara, the latest and last victim of the miniature killer, was kidnapped and left for dead pinned under a car in the desert.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Explodes with Laughter

I’m a drama kind of girl. Don’t get me wrong, they don’t all have to be serious. I like comedy/dramas. But I’m a fan of the hour long show. In fact, I currently only watch one sitcom — How I Met Your Mother. However, I’ve been on the lookout for a partner to round out my 8 o’clock hour on Mondays. And I think I found it in The Big Bang Theory if the rest of the season is as funny as the pilot.

Bones’ Season Premiere is a Nail Biter

After a season finale last spring full of surprises, Bones opens its third season with a nail biter — or should I say bone biter — of a mystery.

‘Chuck’ Saves the Day with Porn

I watched my first premiere of a new fall series last night and I have to say if the rest of the offerings are as good as Chuck, we are in for a great season. I mean what else can you say about a show where the hero saves the day with porn of all things.

‘Eureka’ Continues to ‘Click’ With Viewers

“It’s nice when you find someone you just click with.” The same can be said for a television show. And Sci Fi’s Eureka definitely clicks with me. And last night’s episode “Sight Unseen” was no different.

Where do your kids go on the web?

My twins are only two, but they are already fascinated with the computer. While I'm extremely proud of their interest in technology, I'm also a little afraid. Besides, some learning games we buy, where else can my toddlers go safely on the computer?

Whoopi Defends Michael Vick, Can you Believe that?

’m not really a fan of The View. It has more drama that most soaps. Between this drama and the revolving door of hosts; however, I can’t help but hear about the talk show in the news. Most of the time I just skip right over those headlines, but the news of Whoopi Goldberg’s first day has me outraged.

August 2007

Do You Want to Be a Superhero?

Sci Fi Channel’s Who Wants to Be a Superhero? offers more than a good chuckle. Now the show offers you the ability to create your own secret persona to fight crime and become a Superhero yourself.

‘Reaper,’ a new CW show and a drink

ve seen a lot of different promotions for TV shows over the years, but CW has a new one I’ve never seen. In addition to the typical billboards and ads, CW is launching it’s new series Reaper with its very own drink. Pretty interesting concept.

Trailer for New Jack Black Movie — Be Kind Rewind

If Jack Black’s newest movie Be Kind, Rewind is half as funny as this trailer, I’ll be rolling in the aisles.

More ‘High School Musical’ Fun and A Wake up Call Too

Unless you’ve been asleep under a rock, you already know that the one of the hottest sequels of the summer (at least if you are a preteen) debuted on the Disney Channel this past Friday. Following in the footsteps of its successor High School Musical, High School Musical 2 is bound to meet the same success. However, if after watching the show, your child wants more, never fear. Here are some more fun ways to enjoy High School Musical 2.

‘Army Wives’ Deal with Loneliness

In “Only the Lonely,” Army Wives tackles the subject of loneliness. Honestly, I’m surprised that the issue has come up sooner, but thought that this episode was really a good place to explore it.

DeLoreans like in ‘Back to the Future’ might be back on the market

Everyone remembers the car from the Back to the Future trilogy. Aside from being a time machine, the car was cool because the engine was in the back and the doors opened up. Well DeLoreans, like the one in the movie, are about to be back on the market.

Second Season of ‘Eureka’ Funnier and Quirkier

You always worry that when a new series comes back for its second season if it can maintain the same “magic” that drew you to it to begin with. Sci Fi’s quirky little drama Eureka has put that concern to rest for me. Four episodes into its second season, Eureka is better than ever.

July 2007

‘Buffy’s’ Giles Gets His Own Movie

Good news for all you Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans out there. A made-for-TV movie is headed to BBC about our favorite watcher — Rupert “The Ripper” Giles.

10 Reasons to Watch the Tour de France

Before I met my husband, I’d never heard of the Tour de France. Now it’s a tradition every summer to tune in to the hottest cycling event in the world. Not yet a fan? Here are my Top 10 Reasons for you to give it a shot. Remember this list is from a non-die hard cyclist.

Are Scooby Doo cases too weird to be real?

Have you ever watched an episode of Scooby Doo and say nobody’d fall for that? Or think ‘where do they come up with these goofy plans?’ Well sometimes real live is weirder than Scooby Doo.