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November 2008

The Best New Shows of the Fall

It’s hard to believe that it’s already November and that we are two months into the fall TV season. Sweeps will be starting soon and it’s time to see how this fall’s new shows measured up.

April 2008

Your Favorite Shows Are Finally Back, How Did You Survive?

Normally April brings warm showers and the first signs of spring. But it’s bitterly cold and dreary here. But nonetheless, I’m singing like a bird. Because this April marks the return of our favorite television shows after a much too long hiatus brought on by the writer’s strike.

February 2008

What Would You Do to Save Your Favorite Show?

Last year fans of Jericho set a precedent - the ability of fans to unite to save their favorite television series. Since them Save Our Show campaigns have shown up everywhere. What would you be willing to do to save your favorite show?

Untapped Talent or Experienced Professional: A Closer Look at the ‘American Idol’ Top 12 Women

American Idol has promised one of the most talented groups for its Season 7 Top 24. But has Idol found an untapped resource of talent or has this cast had plenty of time to hone their abilities? Here's a little closer look at the experience of the Top 12 women.

July 2007

Elmo Heads to Primetime this Christmas

Parents make sure you set your Tivo for ABC this holiday season because Elmo and friends are headed to prime time for a Christmas special with a host of guest stars.

Can Will’s ‘Exchange’ Save Jay and Tyler in ‘Traveler?’

As the season of Traveler comes to a conclusion, the depths of the conspiracy are revealed. However, “The Exchange” ends in true cliffhanger fashion with the fates of many of the characters left in the balance.

Where are my ‘Drive’ episodes? A request to networks

Before I went on vacation, I diligently set my DVR to tape the long-awaited final two episodes of the short-lived series Drive on Fox on July 4th. When I came home on Monday, I was more than a little disappointed. Why do these networks keep screwing with us?

June 2007

‘The Trader’ a key to Jay and Tyler’s innocence in ‘Traveler’

Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) return to New York City looking for Derek Sellers in “The Trader.” What they found drives a rift between the two. Meanwhile, Will (Aaron Stanford) returns to Deer Harbor in this episode of Traveler before going after the organization he works for.

Will uses his own ‘tells’ to his advantage in ‘Traveler’

While Will (Aaron Stanford) was learning about his tells in this episode of Traveler, Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) – and the audience –were learning more about Will. Even though the chase might have slowed down in “The Tells,” the intrigue builds as we learn more about Will’s organization.

Maya provides answers on ‘Traveler’ «

In the fourth episode of Traveler, Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) head to Will’s hometown in Maine in an effort to find some clues, but what they find is Maya (Sonja Bennett) and the “Have Books, Will Travel” bookstore. The pair learned more about their friend Will Traveler (Aaron Stafford) when they meet his girlfriend in “The Out.”

A trip to New Haven brings up more questions in ‘Traveler’

In the third installment of ABC’s summer series Traveler, Jay (Matthew Bomer) and Tyler (Logan Marshall-Green) turn up the intrigue as they return to New Haven and their life at Yale for answers about Will Traveler (Aaron Stanford). What they find is a few new clues and even more questions.

Cable Shows Offer Interesting Summer TV Fare

While network television will inundate you this summer with reruns (with a few exceptions) and more cheaply produced reality shows, cable stations are answering viewers demand for better choices with summer fare that rival some prime season offerings. So after a day of frolicking in the great outdoors enjoying the summer sun, cool off with these summer shows.

May 2007

'Traveler' makes you wonder how well you really know your friends

Who is Will Traveler? That is the #1 question on the new ABC summer series Traveler, a high-action drama about three graduate students on a cross-country summer adventure before entering the working world. But things quickly go awry in the first leg of the trip leaving two of the friends on the run and the third’s fate (and motives) in question.

'Grey's Anatomy' season finale not all happy endings

Although Grey’s Anatomy season finale does a nice job of wrapping the various storyline from this season, not all the endings were happy. I’ll admit to being an optimist that likes happily ever afters, even if they are predictable. However, I do also appreciate a good story twist despite a sad ending. Nevertheless, Grey seemed to leave his characters with a large number of disappointments this season.

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