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February 2008

Valentine’s Day: The Best TV Couples

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I take a look at TV couples for shows airing this season (I’d say currently on TV, but with the strike we aren’t left with much but reality TV). Here’s my rundown of the most romantic couples on TV today.

Is it time for Clark Kent to Don his Cape on ‘Smallville?’

For seven years now, I have enjoyed Smallville’s tales of a young Clark Kent coming into his own as he’s trying to balance his alien abilities and the responsibility that comes with that power with his human life. But isn’t it about time that Clark grew up already and became Superman?

September 2007

Fates of Several Decided on ‘Smallville’ Season Premiere

The Season 6 premiere of Smallville felt like the tally of who lives and who dies as the fates of several characters were left in the balance during the season finale last spring. However, fans had to wait to the final minutes to discover the fate of Lana Lang Luthor (Kristin Kreuk). *** The following might contain some spoilers***

May 2007

Lana Lang dies in 'Smallville' finale, or did she?

In the season finale of Smallville, Clark Kent (Tom Welling) loses his high school sweetheart when Lana Lang Luthor’s (Kristin Kreuk) car exploded in a blaze of glory. Did Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) murder his wife because she threatened to leave? Or did she fake her own death?