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October 2008

September 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why I Like ‘Chuck’

Last night Chuck returned for its first episode since January, launching its sophomore season with “Chuck vs. the First Date” and I’m instantly reminded of what attracted me to the series last year.

October 2007

What’s the Best New Show on TV This Fall?

The Fall TV Season is well under way and November sweeps are just around the corner. But how did all the new offerings this season fair up? Here's my look at the best new shows. Tell me what is your favorite new show of the season and why.

Does ‘Chuck’ hold the secret to ‘Lost’?

In the second episode of Chuck, we got a peek at some of the government secrets inside Chuck’s head. And apparently he holds the answer to one of the biggest Lost mysteries.

September 2007

‘Chuck’ Saves the Day with Porn

I watched my first premiere of a new fall series last night and I have to say if the rest of the offerings are as good as Chuck, we are in for a great season. I mean what else can you say about a show where the hero saves the day with porn of all things.