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22 February 2008

21 February 2008

Idol’s Top 12 Ladies Swing to the ‘60s

It’s Week 1 of American Idol semifinals and the Top 12 ladies are strutting their stuff to songs from the ‘60s. Did the ladies have what it takes to hold the attention of the judges and America? How did they measure up to the Top 12 guys?

20 February 2008

How Safe is Your Bathroom?

As of mom of toddlers, I’m constantly thinking about safety. I have safety gates on the stairs and special knobs on the door handles, but I never considered my bathroom as a hazard for me.

18 February 2008

Can NBC’s ‘Knight Rider’ Live up to the Memories?

I had prepared myself to be let down when I saw NBC’s two-hour movie/pilot for Knight Rider. However, I must say that producers Dave Bartis (The O.C.) and Doug Liman (Bourne Identity) did a fair job of bringing a second-generation KITT and story into the 21st century.

15 February 2008

Untapped Talent or Experienced Professional: A Closer Look at the ‘American Idol’ Top 12 Women

American Idol has promised one of the most talented groups for its Season 7 Top 24. But has Idol found an untapped resource of talent or has this cast had plenty of time to hone their abilities? Here's a little closer look at the experience of the Top 12 women.

14 February 2008

Valentine’s Day: The Best TV Couples

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I thought I take a look at TV couples for shows airing this season (I’d say currently on TV, but with the strike we aren’t left with much but reality TV). Here’s my rundown of the most romantic couples on TV today.

13 February 2008

Valentine’s Day: Worst First Date Ever

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and the air is filled with romance, right? Well, technically around here the air is filled with the flu. This fact got me thinking about romance gone awry.

How to Survive ‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week

Tonight I got my first exposure to American Idol’s Hollywood Week, or as Ryan Seacrest called it - Hell Week. And I quickly learned which things will knock you out of the running for the Top 24. Here is the Top 5 Things Not to Do During Hollywood Week if you hope to advance.

12 February 2008

Is it Lights Out for Friday Night Lights?

Well it looks like we might have seen the last original episode ever of Friday Night Lights last Friday. And if you’ve had a chance to see this fine drama, you’d agree this news is a travesty.

08 February 2008

Is it time for Clark Kent to Don his Cape on ‘Smallville?’

For seven years now, I have enjoyed Smallville’s tales of a young Clark Kent coming into his own as he’s trying to balance his alien abilities and the responsibility that comes with that power with his human life. But isn’t it about time that Clark grew up already and became Superman?

Can Everyday Women Relate to ‘Lipstick Jungle?’

The show is betting on New York life, high-powered careers and fashions that I can’t even dream of affording to bring it the same success as Sex and the City and maybe it’ll work. Since I wasn’t drawn to that show, it’s no surprise that Lipstick Jungle isn’t an immediate hit with me.

07 February 2008

Nine Ways American Idol Can Improve the Audition Phase

Wednesday night American Idol closed the 7th season auditions with one more look at the good, the bad and the ugly. At first, I was dreading yet one more night of auditions. But then I started thinking about what kind of changes would entice me to tune back in next season. Here's my Top 9 Ways to Improve American Idol auditions.

06 February 2008

Can Atlanta Produce Another American Idol Contender?

Much to my relief, we’ve finally reached the last of the American Idol audition cities. While the parade of misfits (at least concerning the auditions aired) seems to have waned, the talent hasn’t? Golden tickets were issued to 20 hopefuls, but is one of them a real contender for the crown?

04 February 2008

Fox Cashes in on Super Bowl Audience

Already on a ratings high during the writers strike with its schedule of reality TV programs, Fox spared no expense to promote itself during the Super Bowl.

10 Best 2008 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl commercials are a long standing tradition. Companies pay big bucks all in an effort to win over consumers. And everyone watching the Super Bowl has their favorite commercial. Here are my picks for the 10 Best 2008 Super Bowl Commercials:

01 February 2008

WVA’s Idea To Teach Gun Training is Schools has Merit

West Virginia is contemplating teaching gun training in its schools and I think the idea has merit, especially in a state with a lot of teens that hunt.

On ‘Supernatural,' Dean’s Fate and Other Pressing Questions

Supernatural returned last night for the first of four episodes before CW puts it on hiatus (boo, hiss) and I have to say that it was absolutely stellar episode. Every episode reminds me why I love this show so much.

31 January 2008

30 January 2008

‘American Idol’ Top 24 Leaked

We still have two cities of auditions to go before we even get to Hollywood, but it appears that the identities of the Top 24 contenders for American Idol Season 7 have already been leaked.

‘American Idol’ Found 19 Golden Auditions in Omaha

For years I’ve heard that you’ve got to watch the audition phase of American Idol, that it was the best part of the show. Either I’ve been misled or Idol is losing its touch.

29 January 2008

‘Gridiron Gang’ Goes For It on Fourth and Life

With the Super Bowl just around the corner and no games on TV this past weekend, my husband and I turned to a movie to get our football fix. Our pick for the week was Gridiron Gang.

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