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May 2006

Web2.0Slides | Web2.0 Slideshow

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Web2.0Slides is a self-running slide show of over 1,400 of the best Web2.0 sites. It's categorized by tags and sorted alphabetically. What's cool about it? You can click on any site in the left-hand column to pause the slide show and surf around. When yo

Dynamic Drive CSS Library- Practical CSS codes and examples

by 57 others
Welcome to Dynamic Drive's new CSS library! Here you'll find original, practical CSS codes and examples such as CSS menus to give your site a visual boast.

Top 10 Websites - 2006 | Planetizen

Welcome to our 2006 list of the 10 best planning, design, and development websites. We have revamped our Top Sites format -- now, instead of listing the top 50 sites and including repeat listings for consistently good sites, we are listing the 10 best new

April 2006

Topicalizer - The tool for topic extraction, text analysis and abstract generation

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Topicalizer is a service which automatically analyses a document specified by a URL or a plain text regarding its word, phrase and text structure. It provides a variety of useful information on a given text including the following: Word, sentence and para

Changing Font Styles Within The Page

Here is a listing of a few fonts: Andale Mono Arabic Transparent Arial Ariblk Baskerville Book Antiqua Botanical Centaur Century Gothic Courier Courier New David Futura T Bold Garamond Geneva Georgia Helvetica Impact Jester Regular Jokerman Letter Gothic

March 2006

CSS Tools

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CSS, XHMTL, Webstandards related tools, references, and articles.

February 2006

Web Hosting Handbook, Directory and Expert Reviews

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An open directory of everything web hosting. News from insiders, reviews by experts, rankings and comments by actual users.

January 2006

Free WebFTP service - FTP Interface in english, espanol, francais, deutsch, ...

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With, you can access any FTP account through a Web interface - no matter whether there is a firewall or not. You can use webftp for the complete administration of your homepage, downloading files or just making small changes.

Dive Into Accessibility

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This book answers two questions. The first question is "Why should I make my web site more accessible?" If you do not have a web site, this book is not for you. The second question is "How can I make my web site more accessible?" If you are not convinced