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May 2006

Web2.0Slides | Web2.0 Slideshow

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Web2.0Slides is a self-running slide show of over 1,400 of the best Web2.0 sites. It's categorized by tags and sorted alphabetically. What's cool about it? You can click on any site in the left-hand column to pause the slide show and surf around. When yo

April 2006

Casey Sousa dot com » Blog Archive » Tutorial - Animated GIF

I’m not exactly sure how many times I’ve been asked on MySpace how I made my default pictures flip through like a slide show, but it’s been close to 15. It seems like people want to know how to do this, so here’s how I do it. It’s not the only w

February 2006 » HOW TO Quickie: Embedded Flickr Slideshows

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Place this somewhere on your website or within a blog post. Change user_id from 12345678@N00 to your flickr id, which you can find out with this idgettr. Also replace foo with the tags of the photos you wish to display. Other parameters include “contact

Flickr AutoDownloadr

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Flickr AutoDownloadr Sharing photos on Flickr is great. (Mine are here.) But I recently became a little frustrated trying to look at someone else's photos on Flickr with a laptop and a TV. There's no way to view the photos online in 'full screen' mode

January 2006


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slideshow presentation

December 2005

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