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September 2007

August 2007

July 2007


Quoted: Recently, a friend told me that my charcoal pieces looked good.  That was all the encouragement I needed to use the medium again.  This portrait of Manish is one more for my College of Art portrait series.   I've inadvertently made

Linocut Print

Quoted: I've been back from my exciting and terrific holiday for over a week now and given myself a 101 reasons for why I wasnt painting as yet. 2 nights ago, armed with all the equipment I'd collected, I decided to take a proof of the Linocut that I'd...

June 2007


Quoted: I enjoyed this mornings Life Drawing class at Kuhu's. My last class for a while as I'll be away on holiday starting Friday.  Of the 3 models who have posed for us recently, this one holds her poses well and has a lot of patience. Today I laid

Charles P. Sovek

Quoted: CHARLES P. SOVEK March 23, 1937 – June 8, 2007 We are deeply saddened to report that Charles Sovek passed away unexpectedly on June 8th. Our plans are to keep his memory and artwork alive through this website, but please be patient as we work...

Learning to use charcoal

Quoted: Full of enthusiasm after this mornings session at Kuhu's, I got back home and tried another portrait using Sudha crayons ( Indian equivalent for Conte Crayons ).  Its overworked but if i dont do some of these how will I learn?  I'm think

Quoted: For 3 days I've been sitting in front of the computer and procrastinating.   Luckily Uma's birthday was incentive enough to make me stay up late last night to make this.   Added a Polaroid Photo frame ( from ) today t


Quoted: Most people are self-conscious when being photographed. I too feel the same especially if the photographer takes time to compose and take his shot. I do however like looking at pictures and would like to see some that include me. This is incent...

Life drawing at Kuhu’s - 3

Quoted: I was disappointed with my work at last weeks life drawing session and havent got around to taking photos to put it up.? Todays class went well in the end.We were supposed to do several small sketches to improve our compositional skills.? I mis...

Drinking Tea

Quoted: Ramesh doesn't like being photographed at least not when he's just woken up. As you can see I havent let that stop me   I was trying out my father-in-laws new Canon S3 and its 12 X zoom and caught Ramesh in act of swallowing some tea.This is

May 2007

Life drawing at Kuhu’s

Quoted: I went for my first lesson at Kuhu's today.? We started with a still life and moved on to figure drawing with short duration poses.? This was the last one made and since I had run out of newsprint by then it is smaller in size and on drawing pa...

Ramesh sleeping 2

Quoted: This time I tried to be clever and sketch Ramesh from behind. But I think he has a sixth sense that alerts him to the fact that I'm trying to sketch him! After sleeping like a log he shifted positions when I was a few minutes into my sketch and...

Keya - Monsoon Flower

Quoted: All Indian names have meanings. Keya means a monsoon flower. I was hoping to do one of her from Life but it didnt happen. These are from photo references taken when she was a couple of years younger.   I'm still optimistic that I'll mana

Father and child

Quoted: This time I was determined to visit the art supply store on my own. I did not want to bore the others to tears and nor did I want to rush over what was a big treat for me. I did pick up a few new things to try and one of them [...]

My little niece

Quoted: Some babies smile soon after they are born and some dont or so I learnt when I first met my niece. She was a frowner and we laughed at and loved each little one that she chose to share with us. Here's one of her asleep and frowning. Though this...

Late at night

Quoted: It has become quite clear that I'm a night painter. Whatever schedule I was planning to come up with for learning had better keep that fact in mind.The self portrait was made in Chennai and the last one which is supposed to be of a friend, Anni...

April 2007

Nothing comes from nothing…

Quoted: Nothing ever could.... or so I firmly believed.? Actually, that is a bit of an exaggeration.? I felt that I needed to learn a lot more before I could just sit in front of a blank canvas and start to paint.?I was given two challenges by my frien...

Taking a Nap

Quoted: Started drawing Surpina first this morning but left it incomplete as we were going out visiting art galleries.  Saw quite a few paintings by upcoming artists in India. We plan to cover a few more over the next few days.  Returned and con

Life drawing : Alice and Pinky

Quoted: At Sangeeta's in Mumbai.  The drawing and painting is coming along slower than expected.  Here is this mornings effort.   Paintings are still works in progress

March 2007

Fake Dane’s Portrait

Quoted: Read about Fake Dane's request to Jana to make his portrait on the Every Day Matters Yahoo Group and off I went to Jana's to check it out.? She'd mentioned that there was an invite to join in.? It looked tough and I thought that I'd give it a m...

Another Scratchboard

Quoted: Sujata, a friend from Delhi, has sent me some lino boards, cutters and ink and I'm thrilled.  Hoping to try out some print making soon.  Until then I've saved a digital template of a prepped scratchboard.   This was made from a

Restating Lines

Quoted: It was after reading Danny Gregory's website that I took to restating lines with a pen without a care and have now grown to like them. Soon after, I joined Every Day Matters (EDM) the group started by him. Without doubt this is one of the best ...

Digital Scratchboard

Quoted: Had some time on hand and did not want to do the painting exercise I'm meant to Decided to try out something new digitally. Made a scratchboard and erased out a friends portrait. Need to do a few more before I get the hang of reversing the line...

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