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February 2014

Are bots taking over Wikipedia?

bot vs. human edits in wikipedia : " Only 5% of English edits were by bots; but for Serbian pages, in which few Wikipedians apparently participate, 96% of edits were by bots !"

Reasons why Aion should be your game !

Today the MMO segment is flooded with dozens of selections to choose from (Wow, Aion, gw2...). Ranging from different genre, subscription types, art style, game play… the list goes on and on. Chances are what ever you may be looking for; whether it is ultimate character customization, fantastic riveting lore, or epic PvP battles, there exist a game to quench that thirst. But is Aion your ‘drink’? I’ll give you ten reasons why it could be ! 1. Eye candy galore: Aion does not disappoint the demanding visual fiends like me! It is no secret that for many, this will be at the top of their criterion on choosing a game. Excuse my metaphor ladies; gentlemen, I am sure you will agree with me that most guys will still settle for the stereotypical ‘hot blond’ even if they happen to be an ‘air head’. I will admit that I played MMOs that really weren’t that fun; but visually they were so appealing, I just had to come back for more as shallow as it may sound. Lineage 2 is guilty of this. When the game initially came out, it was by far one of the most if not the most gorgeous MMO in the market. Unfortunately it was notorious for the worse grind to hit the western shore. At times I wondered why I was grinding the same mob for the 10 000th times just to gain 10 more percent towards my next level; what was the fun in that? I quickly found the answer to my question when the cast sequence animation of my female Elf played once again… Aion gold is built on the CryEngine. The developers did a fantastic job on brining the world to life with fantastic animation, imaginative environment and some of the best visual effects seen in any game. Don’t just take my word for it; check out this video! (Make sure to watch it in High Def.)

l'observatoire de la Franchise

pour connaitre les textes réglementaires mais aussi les coûts d'entrées et les royalties à verser pour être franchisé

January 2014

l’évolution du jeu video : 2000 / 2010 (1)

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Prenons Final Fantasy en exemple; au début des années 2000, les épisodes VIII, IX, X et XI sont parus à une année d’intervalle, puis ensuite il a fallu attendre 4 ans pour avoir le XII et il y aura également eu une autre écart de 4 années entre le XII et le XIII, celui-ci étant le premier sur les consoles de génération actuelle.

Wow Gold Making

Making wow gold : the 4 point plan

Guild Wars 2 Concept Art

The visuals here are an inspiration, they are bursting with depth and character, bringing forth a wealth if ideas

December 2013

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