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Why World of Warcraft is My Most Hated Hame of All Time… and Yet I Love It

I hate it for the fact it can bring me back for more, at the expense of all other MMOs, and I hate it for the fact that it’s not what I originally remember in the beginning.

Steve Boese's HR Technology - Fire on the mountain, run boys run.

What technical talent thinks about your job descriptions.

21 April 2014

5 Common Errors to Omit While Generating QR codes

QR code is something that has the ability to save a lot of information in real-time, with unlimited saving space. Unlike the bar codes, the QR codes can be generated openly and without having to seek governmental permissions through a QR code generator. The QR codes can be scanned through Bluetooth devices, infrared devices, online scanners, and mobile phone scanners. This is how the QR codes are easy to be generalized for the online marketing criteria.

20 April 2014

thierry teulé

L'internet des années 2010 au quotidien : une problématique cybernétique et de nouvelles modalités de l'enquête sociologique ? par Thierry Teule, Thèse à Paris 5, dans le cadre de Ecole doctorale Sciences humaines et sociales, cultures, individus, sociétés (Paris)

12 April 2014


free spot

wiki muning

gold documentation

09 April 2014

Confession of a wow gold farmer

First of all, one of the main reason I collect gold is because it is almost vital to play the game Wow : you need to pay repairs, buy gems, buy enchants, skill up proffesions, buy riding skill, even some quests require you to pay to complete them. Gold is Necessary in the world of warcraft, but not needed in the quantities which some of us decided to collect. This leads me onto my next point.

08 April 2014

07 April 2014

RT 2012

obligations et démarches de la nouvelle réglementation thermique

FUDCon:Lawrence 2013

FUDCon is the Fedora Users and Developers Conference

04 April 2014

Goodsgarden tips about best bank alt city

by 1 other
Making gold in Wow with Goodsgarden's tips

03 April 2014

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