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15 July 2004

Minding the Planet: A Physics of Ideas: Measuring The Physical Properties of Memes

a way to figure out not just what is relevant but what is important or in other words timely at a given point in time to people with a given set of interests.

07 July 2004

Behind the Scenes at Yahoo Labs

Principal Scientist & Head of Yahoo! Research Labs talks about the daily work of researchers at Yahoo Labs

03 July 2004

30 June 2004

28 June 2004

26 June 2004

24 June 2004

Philip Glass - Official Web Site

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Kaushik: an example of "visualization / visual sliders / visual topic maps for accessing information / likeminded people / sites"

Shirky: Situated Software

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Kaushik: Shirky tackled the idea of 'small is beautiful'

Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy

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'A group is its own worst enemy" is incredibly well written and worth checking out - Kaushik

VentureBlog: All Social Networking Panels Are The Same

sceptics of social networking websites 2 - as pointed by Kaushik

VentureBlog: Conserving Social Capital

sceptics of social networking websites - as pointed out by Kaushik

21 June 2004


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Long term, however, we want to create a platform that supports the creation of new applications based on the concept of identities that connect from multiple locations.

Technologies Can Blind You To the Real Work

advice for the cyberspace generation

Visualizing Socialtext Collaboration

" working openly in strong tie relationships, weaker ties can view more perhipheral information to stay informed"

19 June 2004

Online Journalism in India, and IndiaMirror

online information marketplace, pointed by Ram in today's chat

18 June 2004

Weblog networks as social ecosystems

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points well made and conscise. i like the point about distributed conversations

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