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April 2005

The True Cost of Coal (in China)

For every dollar of profit made by CLP last year, it is estimated it cost communities across the region nearly $4 in health and environmental impacts.

China Herald: NGO's - The upcoming environmental grassroots

SEPA is to build an environmental NGO cooperation network in the next years and provide training to grassroot orgs.

March 2005

February 2005

Climate fears prompt energy U-turn in China

China has abruptly slowed and halted work on building 22 major dams and power stations

January 2005

Blair asks for 'global consensus' at Davos

There is an "emerging consensus" on key issues such as climate change and poverty, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has told the World Economic Forum.

December 2004

UN urges business people to join climate change battle

business groups at the conference ascribed a low uptake so far to problems with the incentives to invest in environmentally friendly technology provided by the Kyoto protocol.

U.S. Rallies China, India Against EU Climate Talks

The U.S. rallied the support of China and India to block European Union efforts to start talks on how to reduce greenhouse gases after 2012, when the Kyoto Protocol on climate changes expires.

November 2004

New York Times: China Widens Economic Role in Latin America

New dependency. Environmentalists worried that Chinese business practices will bring huge environmental and social damages in Brazil

Arctic heads into warmer future

The report does not list simply the negatives that will come from a warmer world. It also says agriculture may become easier in some areas, there should be improved access to oil and gas deposits and new shipping lanes will open up.

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