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23 May 2006

<b>Interpretation of rock art</b>

The interpretation of rock art is the subject's one aspect most preferred by most archaeologists, and also the one we are usually least qualified to address scientifically. The reasons are complex, and they and the solutions science would most prefer are the main topic of these pages.

22 May 2006

URLBlaze: the world's first URL Sharing Network!

What is URLBlaze v.2? URLBlaze V.2 is a multi file search system integrating the power of verified web search and the robustness of its decentralized, peer-to-peer search system. Rather then giving access to your hard-drive and share files, URLBlaze shares the address of files you have downloaded using your browser or download manager. This new technology is called URL Sharing. URLBlaze V.2 also does a parallel search over many major search engines to help you find the file you want. Every search result is verified! Use URLBlaze to search for any kind of file. Instead of downloading the files from personal computers (Napster, Gnutella, WinMX etc.), you receive an address to the file on an Internet server.

The Life of Mary Magdalene

The Legend of Mary Magdalene The Life, History and Legends of Mary from Magdala

Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel?

Mary Magdalene: Author of the Fourth Gospel? by Ramon K. Jusino, M.A. � 1998 INTRODUCTION Some Related Links: My Review of The Da Vinci Code The Nag Hammadi Library Non-Canonical Christian Texts Women in Ancient Christianity The Role of Women in Christian Churches of Paul's Day Women and Gender in European History Mary Magdalene and the Discipled Jesus Loved The Sociology of Secrecy and the Fourth Gospel This article makes a case for ascribing authorship of the Fourth Gospel (the Gospel of John) in the New Testament to Mary Magdalene. As far as I know -- no previously published work has made an argument in support of this hypothesis. Most biblical scholars today assert that the Fourth Gospel was authored by an anonymous follower of Jesus referred to within the Gospel text as the Beloved Disciple. It is posited here that, in an earlier tradition of the Fourth Gospel's community, the now "anonymous" Beloved Disciple was known to be Mary Magdalene. It is further posited that Mary Magdalene is the true founder and hero of what has come to be known as the Johannine Community (i.e., Mary Magdalene was one of the original apostolic founders and leaders of the early Christian church).

19 May 2006

The Democratic Party

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Governor Dean sent the following message to Democrats across the country today. No on Hayden. Add your voice now! As the director of the National Security Agency, Michael Hayden oversaw the creation of the massive domestic spying program revealed last week. Now George Bush wants him to run the CIA.

18 May 2006

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