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iPads take on hotels, airlines and the Eiffel Tower - This Just In - Budget Travel

Some hotels, such as The Berkley, have given iPads to concierges to help them handle duties such as checking in guests, more efficiently. The hotel also gives guests in certain suites the option of including an iPad with their stay, allowing them to enjoy all the games, videos, comics and newspapers new technology has to offer. There are also a few features to help guests plan out what they want to see and do when in London.

56% of business customers use mobile technology to search/book hotels: study | Eyefortravel

71% rank Wi-Fi as one of the most important technology solutions that should be included as standard in hotel rooms - 82% of travellers expecting this service to be in all rooms within five years.

Creating music and video playlists for brand building by @HmarketingHelp – Hotel Marketing Strategies Blog

In Europe, Spotify is the music suggestion tool of choice – and Staying Cool has created playlists on the site for their Birmingham property.