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Product Innovation Book - Innovate Products Faster

The prevailing view of innovation is wrong. The traditional view of product development is that there is a fundamental dilemma between innovation and time to market. You can have one or the other, but not both. Read Innovate Products Faster to find our how you can have both innovation and speed.


The Small Business Marketing Joy Summit Is Free

A free online event designed for small business owners, solo practitioners, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in growing their business is the free Small Business Marketing Joysummit. Register at

Website Strategy Consultant Philippa Gamse

Internet consultant and technology speaker, Philippa Gamse, helps you maximize the return on investment from your online presence by creating a well-thought out and complete strategy for your website.

Target Audience - Who is Your Ideal Client?

Are you trying to market to the entire world and finding it hard to get clients? Build your business, make more money and love your work by using this list of questions to identify and find your ideal clients.

Business Etiquette Articles by Lydia Ramsey

Free articles about business manners, etiquette and protocol.


Work At Home Adventures Blog

New blog helps people create a successful work at home business so they have more time for family and friends.

Can't Write? How To Work With A Ghostwriter

Whether you want to have articles created for article marketing or you want to write a book this lens will teach you how to work with your ghostwriter.

Top Five Reasons Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start a Business

If we look at history, more millionaires were made during The Great Depression than any other time in US history and during our last recession in the early 90s many companies still thriving today were born, like Clif Bar. Learn why now is the perfect time to start your business.

Before Starting Your Business

Before you launch your business, learn about more than a dozen totally critical things you MUST do before you throw away time, energy and money on an endeavor that fails because you didn’t know everything you needed to!

How To Avoid Irritation When Shaving Your Bikini Line

Getting ready to wear that teeny, tiny bikini? Here are some time tested, savvy tips to avoid bikini line irritation while grooming your pubic hair.

Sustainable Success Coaching

This lens is about celebrating the success that is already you AND helping you to use your unique gifts, talents and assets to creatively, practically and purposefully live a prosperous and joyous life on every level.

“Don’t Worry About a Thing, Dear” - Why Women Need Financial Intimacy

The book that teaches you why you owe it to yourself to participate and understand your marital finances before you find yourself widowed or divorced.


Dog food and cat food recipes and treats.

Pet food owner creates cookbook combination for dog and cat owners who want to avoid commercial pet food.


Fame Finders Squidoo Lens

Fame Finders delivers a proven marketing, training and promotion system to help successful people become renowned authors and speakers.

Fame Finders

Fame Finders delivers a proven marketing, training and promotion system to help successful people become renowned authors and speakers.

Keller Media, Inc.

Keller Media, Inc. connects people like you - who have a powerful message to convey - with the people who need to hear it.


New Age Center

Articles, book and movie reviews, conferences, e-zines and more focused on spirituality and the paranormal.

Articles That Sell Squidoo Lens

All the resources you need to market with articles. Software, submission services, gurus, e-zines, web sites and blogs.

Article Submission Sites

Membership site that includes a large article submission list, article marketing advice, an e-zine, articles and resources for article marketers.

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