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01 January 1970 01:00


tsunami horror water waves

Tsunami disaster in Malaysia

Footage of Tsunami disaster in Malaysia

Tsunami disaster in Indonesia

Tsunami disaster footage in Indonesia

Tsunami Disaster in Thailand

Tsunami disaster footage in Thailand

Tsunami - Meeru Honeymoon Villa

Video footage of Tsunami taken from one of the Meeru Honeymoon villas in the Maldives which is normally about 10'0" above sea level!

Someone Watching Over Me

A Sims 2 music video (the correct term would be Machinima) made by me over a year ago. It's actually a video dedicated for peoples who had died in 2004, mainly in the tsunami disaster. It's about a girl who has lost her fiance, and how she moved on. And how her lost fiance play a part in her life.

Tsunami in Thailand Kho Phi Phi Before and After

Video clips before and after the tsunami in Kho Phi Phi island. Half the people on this island were killed.


Tsunami hit at sunset bay

Tsunami Malaysia

Tsunami in Penang, Malaysia


Tsunami in Indonesia


December 26th 2004 tsunami in Sri Lanka.


Tsunami 26 Dec. 2004


A home video of the great tsunami..