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01 January 1970 01:00

Hurrican Katrina Memorial Video

Pictures of the affects Hurricane Katrina had on the United States to the song "Rain" by Breaking Benjamin.

Tribute to New Orleans

Tribute video to New Orleans & the victims of hurricane Katrina. Those affect are in our hearts and prayers.


video of hurrican katrina

Man rescued from submerged car.

Man slams into flood waters on I-10 near Metairie Road exit. Hurricane Katrina flooded I-10 under at least two feet of water in this area. In the interview after the rescue. The man said the water blended in with the gray pavement and did not not notice the high water. He said he was stupid for doing it.

Microsoft Earthquake

When the Nisqually Earthquake hit the Seattle area on February 28, 2001, some folks at Microsoft happened to have their cams on and recorded some of the action inside.

New Orleans: The day the music died

The New Orleans video: The day the music died

The Real Cost of Hurricane Katrina

Caution! Graphic content - contains images of Katrina victims.

Looting a Wal*Mart in New Orleans is OK

According to sources, looting a Wal*Mart in New Orleans after a hurricane strikes is OK.

Hurricane Katrina

A clip of the tragedies from Hurricane Katrina

Katrina, The Blame Game

It includes the now-famous "Fuck Yourself, Mister Cheney" clip. But of far greater interest is the ever-eloquent Bill O'Reilly, who equates stranded hurricane victims with drug addicts, and finds the silver lining which we all missed.

I'm With You...

Muttshack New Orleans Animal Rescue

Hurricane Katrina

Yancey Fain Productions presents. a video tribute of Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans Police Hurricane Katrina Video

This video shows pictures taken by members of the New Orleans Police Department during Hurricane Katrina. Theses officers lived in a Wal Mart parking lot for 3 weeks, with limited food, water, and basic supplies. Despite 85% of the officers from the 6th District losing their homes, as well as being separated from their families, they stayed throughout the storm. This is what we saw on a day to day basis.... from rescues, looting, trying to sleep in a parking lot, bathing with bottled water, and even being shot at.

Post Hurricane Katrina

David Gregory's report is saddening. Bush tells the people that everything is doing great: "It's a heck of a place to bring your family," but that's not the case at all. The people are very upset over what is being done-which is not much.

Katrina Video

Video of Katrina-hurricane with sad music.

Bush was warned about Katrina.

WASHINGTON Federal officials warned President Bush and his homeland security chief of possible devastation just before Hurricane Katrina struck. Six days of video footage from briefings and transcripts were obtained by The Associated Press. The warnings were that the storm could breach levees, risk lives in the New Orleans Superdome and overwhelm rescuers. A-P reports Bush didn't ask any questions during the final government-wide briefing the day before Katrina struck on August 29th.

Hurricane Katrina

Video taken during Katrina from the Beau Rivage Casino on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

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