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19 May 2005

17 May 2005

16 May 2005

Google Search: "information flow"

985k. #1 Read/Write Web: Information Flow hehe

err, why do i neglect my website? poor thing. and err waste of money. stupid.. this is my site, thanks for stopping by. Move along now.. Thats almost comic relief. Sad.. why art thou so difficult to edit html Alright, time to get my ass into gear, stay tuned.. keep it real. time to blog, this is my first post. muhahah

15 May 2005

The Form Assembly

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if it integrates well :: Appcasting

nice. if someone could syndicate some large download sites we'd be set for input

Mozilla Greasemonkey - Page-load jumpiness

has anyone come up with a workable way to handle the 'jumpiness' caused by re-structuring a page with GM after it loads? Is there a way to pause rendering or hide the rendered page until after GM-modification has taken place?

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