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16 September 2005 00:30

[email protected] (yes SPAME, I messed up) ... I drive it and it's pink... Georgia for Democracy needs you! Sign up today to help register, educate and empower Georgia's voters. Don't get mad, get busy!

Clark Howard's Rolodex. This is a great place to start looking for Cheap Stuff.

Learn about each election by downloading a candidates issues brochure, reading campaign announcement and acceptance speeches, viewing, campaign logos, and analyzing popular vote and electoral college data

There are a number of alternative healing therapies that work so well and cost so little (compared to conventional treatment), that Organized Medicine, the Food & Drug Administration, and their overlords in the Pharmaceutical Industry (The Big Three) woul

Tech Ops

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Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction is best described as a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Like all addictions, its negative impact on the addict and on family members increases as the disorder progresses. Over time, the a

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tgott quarters in my pocket

Artistic Greetings Online Store

- the ultimate online source for unique items personalized with your name and address. Choose from personalized self-stick name & address labels, self-inking name and address stamps, stationery, pencils, business cards,

The Urantia Book

One of the things that I have discovered about New Age Spiritualism is that it is a reflection of most of the teaching that can be found in the scriptures; many that Jesus taught himself.

The SWORD Project

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The SWORD project creates a library to read Bibles. eSword, Bibletime and Gnomesword base on SWORD.

World English Bible

The World English Bible (WEB) is a Public Domain (no copyright) Modern English translation of the Holy Bible. It's currently unfinished, though.

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