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19 October 2005

Satellite TV in Your Vehicle

Increasing commute times throughout America are causing people to make their vehicles more and more like extensions of their homes. But apparently cushy seats, DVD players, and advanced air conditioning systems may not be enough. It looks as if satellite televisions are quickly becoming the next "must have" accessory for vehicles.

18 October 2005

UK Satellite Provider Prepares for Broadband Expansion

British satellite television broadcaster BSkyB is preparing to announce the acquisition of high-speed internet provider, Easynet this week, in a clear attempt to move into the UK’s highly competitive broadband market.

26 September 2005

Mobile TV Must Overcome Compatibility Challenges

After O2’s recent announcement that they will be conducting a trial in Oxford, UK, in order to gauge customer reaction to mobile television technology, analysts are speculating on problems that could be faced by providers of such services.

23 September 2005

O2 to Test Mobile Television in the UK

A small group of up to 400 the O2 customers in Oxford (UK) will soon be given the chance to try out an exciting new mobile television technology.

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