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13 November 2005

Google Expresses Concern about US Telecom Legislation

Several members of the American Energy and Commerce Committee are attempting to force a draft legislation that would make it easier for telephone companies to move in to the internet video industry.

12 November 2005

SBC to Take over AT&T as Early as Next Week

AT&T has announced plans to pay its shareholders a special one-time dividend of $1.30 a share as soon as its merger with SBC Communications is finalized, which could happen as early as next Friday.

09 November 2005

Telus Workers to Vote on Another Contract Proposal

Less than two weeks after Telus workers rejected their employer’s contract proposal, a revised offer has been proposed by the company.

07 November 2005

Fixed Line Long Distance Revenue Continues to Decline

The nation’s biggest telecommunications provider, Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. (BCE) has announced a 13% decline in revenue from long distance phone service during the third quarter of 2005.

31 October 2005

Telus Workers Reject Contract Proposal

Unionized workers have voted by a razor thin 50.3% to 49.7% margin to reject the proposed five-year contract that had already been endorsed by the union’s own bargaining committee.

25 October 2005

WSJ Predicts Ericsson Buyout of Marconi

The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that Ericsson is planning to buy out telecom equipment rival, Marconi Corp at a cost of $2.1 billion.

24 October 2005

Telephone Companies Attempting to Sabotage VoIP

A number of phone companies from around the world have recently taken the drastic step of blocking VoIP traffic from being transferred over their lines.

12 October 2005

Liberals Propose Stronger Wiretapping Laws

Sources indicate that the government of Canada is pushing the telecommunications industry to integrate a higher level of wiretapping technology into their networks, allowing for round-the-clock surveillance of all telephone and (for the first time) email use of up to 8,000 people at once.

11 October 2005

Telus Reaches Agreement with Striking Workers

The Telecommunications Workers Union has, at long last, come to a contract agreement with their employer, Telus.

07 October 2005

T-Mobile to Launch New Web-Enabled Mobile Phones

T-Mobile UK has announced that it will be launching eight new high-speed mobile internet devices by this Christmas.

05 October 2005

Telus Takes Cautious Approach to Residential VoIP

Over the past few months, many major telecom and cable companies in Canada, including Bell and Rogers, have begun offering Voice over IP service to residential subscribers.

03 October 2005

Telus Strike Causes Surge in Vonage Subscriptions

Ever since the strike begun at Telus, Vonage has had a surge in new subscribers from Alberta and British Columbia (Telus’s primary service areas).

30 September 2005

New Skype Software Version Released

Skype has recently launched the latest version of its popular VoIP software for Windows. Some of Version 1.4’s most notable new features include call forwarding and support for customized ringtones.

28 September 2005

FCC VoIP Wiretapping Laws Complicated and Unclear

US federal regulators have decided that VoIP providers have until the spring of 2007 to begin following a new set of complex rules, designed to make it easier for police to listen in on broadband phone and internet telephony conversations.

27 September 2005

T-Mobile Releases Network Status Report

T-Mobile USA issued a report yesterday, regarding the state of its wireless network in Texas and Louisiana after Saturday’s arrival of Hurricane Rita.

24 September 2005

Major Shift in VoIP Testing Methods

Several announcements by VON (Voice On Net) vendors over the past week indicate that the focus of this VoIP testing may be switched from testing equipment in labs to monitoring the quality of live network calls.

18 September 2005

NetFabric and Ecuity Team Up to Provide VoIP Services

Brookfield, Connecticut-based NetFabric Corp has teamed up with Ecuity Inc. of Bellevue, Washington to deliver VoIP systems specifically designed for small and medium businesses.

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