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November 2005

Companies Hope to Standardize Linux for Mobile Phones

PalmSource and Orange, along with eight other companies, are currently collaborating on a project to standardize the open source Linux operating system to run on a variety of different mobile phones.

Microsoft and Cisco Team Up to Support VoIP

In an effort to make VoIP more accessible to the average user, Cisco and Microsoft have announced that they will be supporting the methodology of Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), which allows for better communication between networks.

Instant Messaging Applications Face Increased Security Threats

The number of threats being targeted towards instant messaging applications has soared in the past year.

Another Free Internet Telephony Service Hits the Market

Telecommunications service provider, Yak Communications Inc. has made a deal with CounterPath Solutions, a premier provider of VoIP, SIP, and Instant Messaging services, allowing Yak to release a powerful new voice and video-enabled peer-to-peer VoIP network.

VoIP Risk Assessment Solution Launched

VoIPshield Systems Inc. has launched a new application to assess VoIP risk and vulnerability. This will allow organizations and corporate users to pinpoint and respond to threats before they affect the operations of IP telephony networks.

October 2005

Skype Security Flaws Discovered

Skype has just issued security patches for two critical bugs involving their popular internet telephony software. The recently discovered bugs would have made it possible for hackers to run hostile code on computers running vulnerable versions of Skype.

RIM Gets Unexpected Help from Palm

Since last month’s intense optimism among Research in Motion executives, the company has run into a number of difficult obstacles in recent weeks. But the Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM has now struck a deal with their main hardware rival, Palm.

Yahoo and Microsoft Create Instant Messaging Partnership

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Microsoft and Yahoo, both dominant players in the instant communication industry, are preparing to link together their free instant messaging services to take on market leader AOL, and industry newcomer, Google.

Vernier Enhances Edgewall Network Security Functions

Vernier Networks has announced the introduction of a new network access management application called EdgeWall Rx.

Uniqall Releases Latest Fax Over IP Beta

On October 3, Uniqall made the fourth beta of its upcoming Gridborg HMP Server 1.1 software available as a free trial evaluation download.

Nuera Introduces SIP Media Gateway

Nuera Communications Inc. has unveiled the SGX-100 SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) media gateway, which will help large enterprises and small service providers establish cost-effective presence points, and connect to public telephone networks.

Texas Instruments Announces Enterprise Level VoIP Gateway

Texas Instruments Inc. has announced today that it will be providing a new VoIP gateway platform targeted at enterprise applications.

Windows-Based Treo won’t Become Available Until 2006

Even though Palm has now officially unveiled its Windows-based PDA, it will likely not be available to consumers for quite some time.

September 2005

New Skype Software Version Released

Skype has recently launched the latest version of its popular VoIP software for Windows. Some of Version 1.4’s most notable new features include call forwarding and support for customized ringtones.

Cingular and RealNetworks to Launch Streaming Video Service

America’s largest wireless company, Cingular Wireless, has agreed to work with RealNetworks to offer streaming video services to subscribers’ mobile phones.

Palm Expected to Introduce Windows-Based Smartphone

Sources indicate that long time rivals, Microsoft and Palm are getting ready to unveil a smartphone PDA that will run on Microsoft’s software.

First Windows Mobile 5.0 Phone Introduced

Sprint PCS has recently launched the Vision Smart Device PPC-6700, which is the first cell phone to run the new Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.

Ottawa-Based Nimcat Networks Sold to Avaya Inc.

Avaya Inc., a provider of business communications systems, announced this Tuesday that is has acquired the privately held Nimcat Networks, an Ottawa-based maker of VoIP phone-embedded smartphone software.

Cell Wireless Launches Free VoIP Software

Cell Wireless Corp. has just launched a VoIP software product. The software will be provided free of charge to the company’s 80,000 existing customers.

BroadSoft Acquires Australian Software Company

US-based BroadSoft, a developer of VoIP software applications has recently acquired the Australian multimedia and software firm, Carbon Twelve.

Yahoo Releases Enhanced Web-Based Email Solution

Yahoo Inc. has just released the beta version its email service. They claim that the new version of Yahoo Mail uses new methods to short-circuit the multi-second loading delays that have long been associated with web-based email applications.

Garmin Releasing GPS Applications for Mobile Phones

Garmin has just announced that they are releasing “Garmin Mobile”, a new suite of GPS applications for cellular phones.

Skype Works to Encourage Innovation

Skype has plans to launch a new program this fall, which will provide third party software developers with “Skype Certified” logos for software that they develop as an extension of the company's VoIP offering.

August 2005

Microsoft Buys VoIP Startup

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it has acquired Teleco Inc., a small San Francisco company that distributes VoIP software, which allows users to make phone calls from computers to traditional telephones.

3Com and Ingate Announce VoIP Partnership

Ingate Systems and 3Com Corporation announced this week that they are planning a partnership to offer enterprise class VoIP telephony solutions to workers on the go.

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