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05 November 2005

Nokia CEO Predicts Smartphone Market Growth

Nokia CEO, Jorma Ollila has made a prediction that the market for smartphones will double over the next year.

02 November 2005

Non-Voice PDA Sales Continue to Decline

According to International Data Corp., the past few months have seen consumer sales of non-voice-enabled PDAs slide for the seventh consecutive quarter.

14 October 2005

Nokia Introduces Enterprise-Level Smartphones

As of this Wednesday, Nokia has introduced a new line of mobile smartphones, which are primarily targeted at enterprise-level IT departments, and will become available by early 2006.

29 September 2005

RIM to Use Intel Chips in Future Devices

Soon after Palm's announcement that they are planning to release a Windows-based Treo handheld device, Research in Motion is trying to generate additional excitement about their own products.

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