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09 November 2005

CSR Announces Possible IPO

Canadian Satellite Radio (CSR) is planning to open up an opportunity for those who wish to invest in the emerging industry of commercial-free satellite radio in Canada.

07 November 2005

New Satellite Weather Forecasting System Enters Planning Phase

Lockheed Martin Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., and Boeing have each just won a $10 million contracts to assist in the early stages of the US government’s new satellite weather forecasting system.

31 October 2005

SIRIUS Hires New Senior VP of Investor Relations

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has announced that they are hiring telecommunications industry veteran, Paul Blalock to be their new Senior Vice President of Investor Relations.

27 October 2005

XM Expected to Report Slight Third-Quarter Loss

XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. will be reporting its third-quarter financial results later today, and they are widely expected to declare a slight loss for the period.

Indonesia to Launch New Communication Satellite

An Indonesian state-owned telecommunications company, called Telkom, is getting ready to launch a new communication satellite next month.

24 October 2005

SIRIUS Releases Budget-Conscious Car Radios

SIRIUS has just released two new plug and play satellite radios for just $49.99 each. These units, the SIRIUS One and XACT Visor, are an easy and inexpensive way for users to access SIRIUS radio content in their vehicles, and are now being sold in retail stores.

20 October 2005

Satellite Technology Could Revolutionize the Cellular Industry

For many years, satellite phones have been clunky, suitcase-sized units, and haven’t fit the standards of true mobility. According to Mobile Satellite Ventures, however, that may soon change.

19 October 2005

Satellite TV in Your Vehicle

Increasing commute times throughout America are causing people to make their vehicles more and more like extensions of their homes. But apparently cushy seats, DVD players, and advanced air conditioning systems may not be enough. It looks as if satellite televisions are quickly becoming the next "must have" accessory for vehicles.

18 October 2005

UK Satellite Provider Prepares for Broadband Expansion

British satellite television broadcaster BSkyB is preparing to announce the acquisition of high-speed internet provider, Easynet this week, in a clear attempt to move into the UK’s highly competitive broadband market.

Satellite Radio: The Birth of an Industry

This past summer has certainly been interesting one for the Canadian satellite radio industry. June 16 was the date that the technology behind satellite radio was officially made legal by the CRTC, but it was far from the end of the story.

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