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15 November 2005

Companies Hope to Standardize Linux for Mobile Phones

PalmSource and Orange, along with eight other companies, are currently collaborating on a project to standardize the open source Linux operating system to run on a variety of different mobile phones.

14 November 2005

Google Proposes Mountain View Wi-Fi Network

Google has announced plans to use its home city of Mountain View, California as a testing ground to prove the social and financial benefits of providing customers with free wireless internet connections.

12 November 2005

US Government Concerned about RIM Lawsuit

The American government has expressed concerns regarding the ongoing patent infringement case against Ontario-based Research in Motion, and its popular BlackBerry mobile computing device.

SBC to Take over AT&T as Early as Next Week

AT&T has announced plans to pay its shareholders a special one-time dividend of $1.30 a share as soon as its merger with SBC Communications is finalized, which could happen as early as next Friday.

11 November 2005

Samsung Introduces Mobile VoIP Application

Samsung has introduced its latest enterprise-level wireless application, called OfficeServ Wireless, which is designed to transfer voice data over a wireless VoIP connection.

Canadian Wireless Providers Plan Mobile Payment Service

Three of Canada’s top wireless providers have recently come to an agreement this week on a joint venture that will allow customers to make payments via their mobile phones.

08 November 2005

Google and Yahoo Plan Further Wireless Web Expansion

Google and Yahoo are both currently making plans to further expand into mobile communication markets, by extending a number of their internet based services to cell phone users.

07 November 2005

Citywide Wi-Fi Network Proposed for Milwaukee

A small start-up by the name of Midwest Fiber Networks (MWFN) has put in a bid to build a citywide Wi-Fi network in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, similar to the network being built in Philadelphia.

Fixed Line Long Distance Revenue Continues to Decline

The nation’s biggest telecommunications provider, Bell Canada Enterprises Inc. (BCE) has announced a 13% decline in revenue from long distance phone service during the third quarter of 2005.

New Satellite Weather Forecasting System Enters Planning Phase

Lockheed Martin Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., and Boeing have each just won a $10 million contracts to assist in the early stages of the US government’s new satellite weather forecasting system.

04 November 2005

Telus Complaints on the Rise

As a result of ongoing labour action by unionized Telus workers, the number of complaints about the company’s customer service has risen dramatically.

02 November 2005

Nokia Wins Telus Broadband Contract

Canadian telecommunications giant, Telus, has just awarded a major contract to Nokia, which will allow them to build Telus’s next-generation broadband internet

29 October 2005

Nokia Announces Latest Mid-Price CDMA Handsets

In addition to its two latest low-cost cell phones, primarily targeted towards emerging markets, Nokia has also released two new mid-range CDMA handsets.

27 October 2005

Nokia Targets New Phones to Emerging Markets

This Wednesday saw the release of four new Nokia handsets, two of which will be targeted at emerging markets, including Latin America, and parts of Asia.

Indonesia to Launch New Communication Satellite

An Indonesian state-owned telecommunications company, called Telkom, is getting ready to launch a new communication satellite next month.

25 October 2005

Fraudulent Behavior the Biggest VoIP Security Threat

The VoIP Security Alliance (VoIPSA) has recently reported that the greatest threat to VoIP security is the growth of fraudulent and deceptive behavior around the technology.

22 October 2005

Broadband Speeds on an Upward Spiral

Come next spring, BT will be trying to grab its share of the UK's ultra-high-speed broadband market with its new "Max" ADSL service. Max is expected to provide data transfer speeds of up to 8 Mbps.

20 October 2005

New Mobile VoIP Network Planned in Japan

Recent reports suggest that Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry is considering starting a government-sponsored mobile VoIP network.

19 October 2005

Satellite TV in Your Vehicle

Increasing commute times throughout America are causing people to make their vehicles more and more like extensions of their homes. But apparently cushy seats, DVD players, and advanced air conditioning systems may not be enough. It looks as if satellite televisions are quickly becoming the next "must have" accessory for vehicles.

18 October 2005

RIM Gets Unexpected Help from Palm

Since last month’s intense optimism among Research in Motion executives, the company has run into a number of difficult obstacles in recent weeks. But the Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM has now struck a deal with their main hardware rival, Palm.

15 October 2005

Ericsson and Rogers Collaborate on High-Speed Mobile Technology

Rogers Communications is working with Ericsson Canada to test a new form of high-speed mobile voice, data, and audio/video technology.

12 October 2005

Liberals Propose Stronger Wiretapping Laws

Sources indicate that the government of Canada is pushing the telecommunications industry to integrate a higher level of wiretapping technology into their networks, allowing for round-the-clock surveillance of all telephone and (for the first time) email use of up to 8,000 people at once.

03 October 2005

Google Proposes Free Wi-Fi Network In San Francisco

Google spokesman, Nate Tyler, has recently confirmed that Google is proposing to provide free Wi-Fi internet access to residents of San Francisco.

Telus Strike Causes Surge in Vonage Subscriptions

Ever since the strike begun at Telus, Vonage has had a surge in new subscribers from Alberta and British Columbia (Telus’s primary service areas).

27 September 2005

T-Mobile Releases Network Status Report

T-Mobile USA issued a report yesterday, regarding the state of its wireless network in Texas and Louisiana after Saturday’s arrival of Hurricane Rita.

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