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November 2005

Google Expresses Concern about US Telecom Legislation

Several members of the American Energy and Commerce Committee are attempting to force a draft legislation that would make it easier for telephone companies to move in to the internet video industry.

US Government Concerned about RIM Lawsuit

The American government has expressed concerns regarding the ongoing patent infringement case against Ontario-based Research in Motion, and its popular BlackBerry mobile computing device.

FCC Relaxes VoIP 911 Deadline

The American FCC has slightly relaxed their position on VoIP 911 emergency compliance rules, ruling that VoIP providers don’t have to cut off service to customers in areas that aren’t properly covered. They will not, however, be able to add any new customers in these areas until coverage is brought up to standard.

October 2005

Liberals Propose Stronger Wiretapping Laws

Sources indicate that the government of Canada is pushing the telecommunications industry to integrate a higher level of wiretapping technology into their networks, allowing for round-the-clock surveillance of all telephone and (for the first time) email use of up to 8,000 people at once.

Sprint Brings Lawsuit against Vonage and Voiceglo

Sprint Nextel Corp. has recently announced that they are filing a patent infringement lawsuit against VoIP telephony providers Voiceglo, and Vonage.

RIM Appeal Rejected, Stock Price Falls

The Waterloo, Ontario-based Research in Motion fell a further 4%, to $75.93, after US courts ruled against their appeal of a recent patent dispute ruling.

September 2005

FCC VoIP Wiretapping Laws Complicated and Unclear

US federal regulators have decided that VoIP providers have until the spring of 2007 to begin following a new set of complex rules, designed to make it easier for police to listen in on broadband phone and internet telephony conversations.

New Software Will Improve VoIP Emergency Services

Spatial Data Inc. has released VixxiLink 2.0, an application which allows VoIP providers to quickly and efficiently connect their customers to 911 emergency services.

Eatoni Ergonomics Brings Lawsuit against RIM

Eatoni Ergonomics a developer of mobile text input technology has initiated a lawsuit against Research in Motion (RIM) this week, claiming that the BlackBerry 7100 line of products is infringing on one of its patents.

Striking Telus Workers Ordered to Stop Harassment

Among rising tensions in the increasing ugly labour dispute between Telus and the Telecommunications Workers Union, British Columbia’s supreme court has passed judgement ordering striking union members to stop “molesting, assaulting, intimidating, obstructing, threatening, or interfering with” those employees who are reporting to work.

CRTC Satellite Radio Ruling Stands

The federal Liberal government decided on Friday to uphold the CRTC’s decision to legalize subscription-based satellite radio.

China Telecom Bans Skype Services

China Telecom has struck a major blow to the advancement of technology in that country, as it moves to block citizens’ access to SkypeOut, Skype’s popular PC-to-Phone telephony service.

August 2005

Appeal of CRTC Decision Threatens Canadian Satellite Radio

Canadian Satellite Radio, one of two companies that were licensed by the CRTC to operate subscription based satellite programming is now facing a major threat.

Critics Attack VoIP Wiretapping Ruling

A recent ruling from the FCC says that internet telephony services must allow for built in wiretapping capabilities, just as conventional phone companies have to.

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