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November 2005

Google Proposes Mountain View Wi-Fi Network

Google has announced plans to use its home city of Mountain View, California as a testing ground to prove the social and financial benefits of providing customers with free wireless internet connections.

Google Expresses Concern about US Telecom Legislation

Several members of the American Energy and Commerce Committee are attempting to force a draft legislation that would make it easier for telephone companies to move in to the internet video industry.

Google and Yahoo Plan Further Wireless Web Expansion

Google and Yahoo are both currently making plans to further expand into mobile communication markets, by extending a number of their internet based services to cell phone users.

October 2005

New Google Wi-Fi Details Surface

Google’s eight-page proposal for a free Wi-Fi network in San Francisco has now been publicly released, and with it come new details about the company’s plans.

Google Wi-Fi May Threaten Other ISPs

There has recently been some speculation that if the city of San Francisco accepts Google’s proposal to offer a free citywide Wi-Fi network, the new network may steal customers from already-established cable and telephone providers.

Google Proposes Free Wi-Fi Network In San Francisco

Google spokesman, Nate Tyler, has recently confirmed that Google is proposing to provide free Wi-Fi internet access to residents of San Francisco.

September 2005

Google Begins Testing New Wi-Fi Service

Internet search giant, Google, confirmed on Tuesday that it is beginning to test a free wireless internet service, called Google Wi-Fi.

Google Talk an Attempt to Break Into Pay-Per-Call Advertising?

Ever since Google introduced their new VoIP telephony service, which lacks any great competitive advantage over other similar services, there has been a lot of speculation over their true reasons for the launch.

August 2005

Google Launches VoIP/Instant Messaging Service

As of last night, Google Talk is the newest player in this growing industry and a formidable competitor to the currently dominant Skype service.

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