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13 November 2005

Microsoft and Cisco Team Up to Support VoIP

In an effort to make VoIP more accessible to the average user, Cisco and Microsoft have announced that they will be supporting the methodology of Interactive Connectivity Establishment (ICE), which allows for better communication between networks.

09 November 2005

Instant Messaging Applications Face Increased Security Threats

The number of threats being targeted towards instant messaging applications has soared in the past year.

04 November 2005

RIM to Release New Intel-Powered BlackBerry

Research in Motion has just unveiled the latest version of its popular BlackBerry device, which analysts say is the closest that they've ever come to making a true handheld computer.

03 November 2005

Nokia Blurs the Lines of Multimedia and Communication

The world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, is about to launch a new line of multimedia handsets that clearly aim to combine communication with information technology, and consumer electronics with broadcasting.

02 November 2005

Non-Voice PDA Sales Continue to Decline

According to International Data Corp., the past few months have seen consumer sales of non-voice-enabled PDAs slide for the seventh consecutive quarter.

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