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Really Simple Syndication: Best Practices Profile (Proposed)

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This profile contains a set of recommendations for Really Simple Syndication, a web syndication format documented in RSS 2.0 (revision 2.0.8). This document is still under development and has not been adopted by the board or any other entity involved with RSS.

Niall Kennedy quite Microsoft au bout de 5 mois.

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Windows Live is under some heavy change, reorganization, pullback, and general paralysis and unfortunately my ability to perform, hire, and execute was completely frozen as well.

Namespaced Extensions in Feeds

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Dublin Core: 29.3% - XHTML: 15.7% - ITunes: 2.5% - CreativeCommons: 1.5% - FOAF: 0.11%

Dave Johnson - Beyond Blogging

Présentation à TriXML 2006 - pdf

threshold state: Conventional RSS

profil adopté sur textpattern et wordpress (?)

ongoing · Atom as a Case Study

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Chuis d'accord avec Tim. Dérivé de sa présentation à ETech2006

Burningbird : RSS, Sick Finches, and a Bouncing Ball

Great summary of the Cadenhead/Winer case and the future of RSS 2.0.

RSS Advisory Board : +2 -2

Musical Chair is the last game in RSS land ; are they having fun ?

The Quest for the Real Syndication Standard | Civilities

The development of the RSS standard may very well be a good case study of how not to go about developing a software standard. / (To be a Six-part series. Two parts completed so far.)

Feed Icons - Help establish the new standard

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By adopting this icon as the identity of syndicated content, you're helping to eliminate confusion brought on by acronyms, break down the international barriers and bring feeds to the forefront.

Approval of Atom LinkRelations Attribute Value Registrations

les gagnants : previous, next, first, last, current & payment



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Joli agrégateur en ligne - Simple à utiliser - beta version - protection des données ??

RSS Extensions

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A wiki to count main syndication modules (draft, used, dead?).

An overview of the Atom 1.0 Syndication Format

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by James Snell - very active on the Atom lists - feed examples

Zawodny spoke

The rumours about Yahoo working on a Technorati killer, are true. // Et Google ?

Do The Funky Standard Dance!

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The funky RSS boy dances for Atom now (see via).

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