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Internet, le Web vur par Tim Berners Lee

comment dire… design. Idée amusante cependant.


On open letter to Blogger at FactoryCity

Plus de microformats dans le nouveau blogger beta. Ca coûte rien de demander.

Planet Venus source code

Planet Venus is an experimental radical refactoring of the Planet flexible feed agregator.

ONLINE! Citations Styles

Using MLA Style to Cite and Document Sources

An alternative Approach to Tagging - ThinkPHP /dev/blog

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A method that combines the flexibility of tagging with the search-narrowing power of a deep hierarchy is to combine the tags to an 'instant hierarchy':

majordojo: Overloading atom:category

It smells like triples to me. -- Elias torres

2005 Markup Reference

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The purpose of this document is to define a rich vocabulary of semantic classes [...]. These classes take the place of the old presentation templates; the presentation is now defined in the site style sheets, allowing the markup to remain semantic. fantasai

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