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Atom Export Format

by G. Sneddon - Internet Draft


le nouveau namespace réservé par 6apart -- amenez la colle c'est pas encore prêt

Elsewhere I'm: Relationship Update Stream

Basiquement : un flux continu d'Atom avec une extension maison décrivant des liaisons "sociales" (du XFN encapsulé). FOAF est toujours orphelin.

mnot’s Web log: 5005

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Feed Paging and Archiving (nee Feed History) has finally made it to a standards-track RFC.

ongoing · That’s All, Then

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Atom is done. 4 years... And 4 more years to get popularity ?


Planet Venus source code

Planet Venus is an experimental radical refactoring of the Planet flexible feed agregator.

Namespaced Extensions in Feeds

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Dublin Core: 29.3% - XHTML: 15.7% - ITunes: 2.5% - CreativeCommons: 1.5% - FOAF: 0.11%

Dave Johnson - Beyond Blogging

Présentation à TriXML 2006 - pdf

DeWitt Clinton’s : More on RSS and Atom

We should start embedding addresses, calendars, products, and contact information in our syndicated feeds. And we should start expecting our feed reader applications to notice this rich data and automatically open address books and maps and shopping carts whenever they can.

majordojo: Overloading atom:category

It smells like triples to me. -- Elias torres

ongoing · Atom as a Case Study

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Chuis d'accord avec Tim. Dérivé de sa présentation à ETech2006

Sam Ruby: Common Feed Errors

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"If all you are doing is strcpy’ing your html page into your feed, do us all a favor and add the following line at the top..."

The Quest for the Real Syndication Standard | Civilities

The development of the RSS standard may very well be a good case study of how not to go about developing a software standard. / (To be a Six-part series. Two parts completed so far.)

Approval of Atom LinkRelations Attribute Value Registrations

les gagnants : previous, next, first, last, current & payment


Minutes from Atom discussion, New York City, 18 May 2004

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Sam Ruby : We thought about rolling it back into RSS, but that turned out to be impractical. So we moved forward.

RSS Extensions

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A wiki to count main syndication modules (draft, used, dead?).

Confession | Musings

by J. Distler (MT hacker) - For the past 10 months, I’ve been serving up ill-formed XML, and nobody’s complained. Probably, no one even noticed.

An overview of the Atom 1.0 Syndication Format

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by James Snell - very active on the Atom lists - feed examples

Web services, where do we go?

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"I think we had one person inquire about using the SOAP version of the API. I don't know if any apps were actually built. There is at least one application built on XML-RPC. But all the others--I don't even know how many there are--are built on the REST API. It's just so easy to develop that way;"

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