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22 March 2006

EmEditor - Text Editor for Windows

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I use this text editor for viewing text files in any character encoding. It's great for converting from one encoding to another (with "Save As") or for verifying the character encoding of the data in a text file.

UTF-8 Sampler

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UTF-8 Sampler - Great place to cut-and-paste sample character strings from many different languages.

20 March 2006

VB6 Send Email Progress Monitoring

Progress monitoring while sending email and aborting mail sending.

VB6 function calls vs. subroutine calls

Explains the syntactical differences between calling subroutines and functions in Visual Basic 6.0

Essential Character Encoding Resources

Tutorials and online resources for character encoding issues -- essential for anyone working with Unicode, utf-8, Japanese, Chinese, or other international character encodings.

19 March 2006

Web 2.0 AJAX Tutorials

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A collection of AJAX tutorials to help you get started.

18 March 2006

19 February 2006

Yahoo! Site Explorer ActiveX Component

Provides a simple interface to the Yahoo! Site Explorer Web Services API. It enables applications to find the pages that are indexed by the Yahoo! search engine, and to find the inbound links as counted by the Yahoo! search engine.

18 February 2006

.NET Email Component by Chilkat

Best selling SMTP / POP3 email component. Feature-rich SMTP client for sending email, and POP3 client for reading email. Supports S/MIME and SSL.

Blogger 2.0 .NET Component

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A free .NET component that can be used in C# and VB.NET applications, as well as in ASP.NET web sites. It provides a Blogger API for managing blogs at It can create new posts, edit existing posts,delete posts, and download blog posts.

15 February 2006

Movable Type ActiveX Component

A free ActiveX component (DLL) that can be used in any programming language that supports ActiveX, such as Visual Basic, VBScript, Delphi, Visual C++, MFC, ASP, Visual FoxPro, etc. It provides an interface to the Movable Type API for managing blogs. It enables applications to get recent post information, fetch blog category lists, fetch categories assigned to a blog post, update categories

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