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O Balcão Jean Genet - YouTube

O Balcão Jean Genet 18.010 visualizações 212 5 Compartilhar Jorge Bodanzky Publicado em 9 de abr de 2015 Filmagem da peça O Balcão de Jean Genet , direção de Victor Garcia e produção de Ruth Escobar , realização José Agripino de Paula,imagens de Jorge Bodanzky Estréia: 29 de dezembro de 1969

Guantanamera | Playing For Change | Song Around The World - YouTube

Guantanamera | Playing For Change | Song Around The World



How-to produce an online video Show: Export & compress. The Learning Center.

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Export When you finish editing your video it's time to prepare it for distribution by exporting it in a format that will work well on the Web. When you upload your video to we will keep it just as it is — so make it good. We'll also create a new version of your video in Flash. If you're just starting out and using MovieMaker or iMovie, we recommend taking a look at Freevlog's excellent step-by-step video tutorials on exporting for the Web: Step-by-step exporting in MovieMaker | Step-by-step exporting in iMovie. The settings may not be exactly what you end up using, but don't worry, you can refine your skills once you get the hang of it. General Advice CODEC stands for COmpress/DECompress video. Key frames are frames that CODECs look at to judge what kind of video they are compressing. Video compression is somewhere between a science and a mystical art - and it changes constantly. The basic problem compression solves is that video is captured at resolutions way too high to be broadcast on the Web (at least for now). The video on a DVD or miniDV tape, would take hours to download on a high speed connection. Compression software called CODECs were invented to compress video, ideally down to a file size that looks great, and also transfers as fast as the video plays, so there's no wait. CODECs delete repeated and unneeded information by looking at Key Frames. They are constantly being improved, while at the same time the file size the Web can handle is constantly increasing. Once again, it's the audio stupid! High quality sound is the most bang for the buck in terms of small file size and ability to make your video look better. However it's not only the CODEC settings that affect quality and file size, the content of the video affects how well a CODEC works. The more complex the editing, subjects and backgrounds, the larger the file will be, REGARDLESS of the settings and CODEC you use. Err on the side of high quality, full frame rate and 640 or wider video and you'll be OK.


YouTube - Instalacion openSuSE11.1

Instalacion openSuSE11.1 Ícone do canal Inscrever-se Cancelar a inscrição juanalvarez9 28 de abril de 2009 (mais informações)

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