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27 July 2009 05:45

Mashup Five

Description: Mashup is a revolution in quality icons derived from various sources, like a mix tape. The collection is aesthetic and designed to be professional, functional, balanced, and diverse. Its the first icon set to have built in use of the theme menu for custom usage. Just choose the Mashup 1-5 set you want to use. Includes a mix of my custom icons & code, Aero, Oxygen, Glass, and Crystal icons. Features: * Five distinct available folder variations and customisations. * Change your theme with the Appearance Menu. * Contains Gnomes full range of Apps & Actions. * Up to date with cutting edge icons. * Compatible with Gnome 2.0 releases. License: Creative Commons No Derivatives - Free to use and copy unmodified, may not modify or redistribute any portion therein. Any pictures or photography are not to be used. The name Mashup is registered ® to Billy Butler 2009. Follow my Twitter - jesterthejedi