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May 2009

A4 Open Source Calendar for 2009

A4 Open Source Calendar for 2009 1.0 Scribus Template scorpking scorpking Private Home - Hannes Coetzee Private South Africa, Eshowe last visit Apr 8 2009 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - A4 Open Source Calendar for 2009 zoom Downloads: 784 Submitted: Dec 15 2008 Updated: Feb 8 2009 Score: score63c%score 63% good bad good Description: The idea is to have an open source app for every month. The preview is an example of what I have in mind. Everything is on different layers to make editing easier so if you know Scribus it should be a breeze to edit. Changelog: v1.0 Template for calendar completed

Blue Dream

Blue Dream 1.0 Scribus Template michoko michoko - Michoko Michoko last visit Mar 28 2009 0 friends 0 groups other contents send a message add as friend more info - - Blue Dream zoom Downloads: 399 Submitted: Mar 26 2009 Score: score54T%score 54% good bad good Description: Nice blue design.

Black Heart Gtk2x

Downloads: 2069 Submitted: Apr 29 2009 Updated: May 14 2009 Score: score65e%score 65% good bad good Description: Version 4 Overhauled and Error Free Built and tested on Jaunty... The Credits -included in the file. Pixbuff engine required... File held at Deviant art who do weird things with tar files so - Extract the tar.gz from the archive - Then extract the folders from the Black Heart theme tar.gz Install the Black Heart folder via appearance preferences or to /usr/share/themes Install the files with in the Firefox data folder to your Firefox chrome folder. Changelog: 29 Apr 09 - First Preview 30 Apr 09 - First Release 01 MaY 09 - Version 2 - check radio buttons - new tabs - new progress bars - New spin buttons more mouse over glow. Cleaned up the shadows and lines... 04 May 09 - Version 3 - New Listheaders- Progress Bars - scroll bar handles with prelight etc 14 May 09 - complete overhaul License: Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

August 2008

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