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June 2009

Xara Xtreme Pro v5.1.0.8917 | Download - Mistura Total

Descrição Xara Xtreme Pro é um programa gráfico multifuncional que não se limita apenas em editar imagens. Ele também tem recursos para criar ilustrações e preparar imagens para a web. Por ser tão amplo, o Xara é compatível com a maioria dos formatos gráficos utilizados pela categoria de imagens: GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PDF, AI (Adobe Illustrator) e CDR (CorelDRAW). Entre suas diversas funções, você pode exportar PDF com mais qualidade (com suporte a gradientes), visualizar a imagem no zoom de 25.601%, converter imagens bitmap em vetorial, remover imperfeições na imagem (causadas por diapositivos como o scanner), adicionar efeitos gráficos dos mais variados e otimizar as imagens especialmente para a web. Informações Estilo: Editores de imagens Fabricante: Xara Group Tamanho: 66.5 Mb Formato: Rar Idioma: Inglês

May 2009

sK1 Project

UniConvertor universal vector graphics translator UniConvertor is a universal vector graphics translator. It is a command line tool which uses sK1 object model to convert one format to another. Development of the import/export modules for this program goes through different stages, quality and feature coverage are different among formats. UniConvetor is used in Inkscape and Scribus projects as external tool for CorelDraw files importing.

sK1 Project

sK1 0.9 rev.335 snapshot source code and binary packages Source code tarball sK1-0.9.0-rev335.tar.gz 1143 kb Mandriva 2008 sK1-0.9.0-rev335-0.mdv2008.i586.rpm 1795 kb Ubuntu 7.10 sk1_0.9.0-rev335-1ubuntu10_i386.deb 1992 kb tcl/tk 8.5 packages for Ubuntu 7.10 tcl8.5_8.5.0-2ubuntu10_i386.deb 1516 kb tk8.5_8.5.0-3ubuntu10_i386.deb 1086 kb Installation guides for Ubuntu 7.10 You need installing following packages in this order: * tcl-8.5 * tk-8.5 * python-imaging * python-imaging-tk * python-liblcms And after that you can installing sK1 package. To run sK1 press Alt-F2 and type command "sk1" Many thanks to Oleksandr Moskalenko (Scribus team) for provided tcl/tk 8.5 packages!

sK1 Project

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sK1 illustration program About sK1 vector graphics editor sK1 is an open source vector graphics editor similar to CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, or Freehand. First of all sK1 is oriented for "prepress ready" PostScript & PDF output. The major sK1 features: * CMYK colorspace support * CMYK support in Postscript * Cairo-based engine * Color managment * Universal CDR importer (7-X3 versions) * Modern Ttk based (former Tile widgets) user interface

Estúdio Livre : sk1

sk1 Editor gráfico vetorial open source similar ao CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator e Freehand. sK1 é orientado a processamentos PostScript?.

xaraxtreme - Download

Xara Xtreme You can download a version of Xara Xtreme for Linux right now, which should work straight away on most Linux machines (note: this is not source code - you don't have to build it to try it, for source code look here). Development is progressing daily, so we provide two versions for download. The first is the recommended download because it will normally be the most stable. The second is the very latest, untested version, built and published automatically - the cutting edge version of Xara Xtreme, so at times it may be unstable. The easiest and recommended way to install Xara Xtreme on your system is to download and install the Autopackage archive (.package file). Click here for Autopackage installation instructions. Alternatively, download and unpack one of the tar archives (see tar archive instructions below). Xara Xtreme on Linux is now a working drawing tool. The archives below include the full Xara Xtreme help. Recommended version: » Download Xara Xtreme (version 0.7 Revision 1692) (Autopackage Archive - 19MB) » Download Xara Xtreme (version 0.7 Revision 1692) (Tar Bzip2 Archive - 19MB) Latest version (potentially unstable): » Download Xara Xtreme (version 0.7 Revision 1785 Built 07-Nov-07 3:00) (Autopackage Archive - 20MB) » Download Xara Xtreme (version 0.7 Revision 1785 Built 07-Nov-07 3:00) (Tar Bzip2 Archive - 19MB)

August 2008

Inkscape - Ubuntu art tools (Wiki)

Open source Inkscape is an evolving and increasingly capable vector illustrator, comparable to (but probably not yet quite at the level of) Illustrator and CorelDraw. It seems to be modeled most closely on the user interface of CorelDraw, which isn't a bad thing at all. The latest version (0.45 as of this writing) has added a very nice SVG blur function - you can add blur to nearly any vector object, which gives it a very nice drop shadow capability, a big advance. Some very beautiful illustrations are possible with this package.

March 2008

Tutorial: Creating a Pencil by Josè Campoy

Those of you who have admired Josè Campoy's work in the TalkGraphics forums or enjoyed his Eggs tutorial last month will be pleased to see he is sharing some more of his techniques with us this month as he shows us how he created this pencil drawing.

February 2008