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07 August 2009 15:00

Support - Xandros

Support Every commercial Xandros product includes Basic level support to make sure you get your system installed and configured properly. This support site also includes an FAQ section which addresses common issues and there are user forums for each of the products where forum members provide assistance to each other. If these resources don't enable you to resolve your issue, you may need to contact our technical support people. Depending on the nature and timing of your problem, your request may fall within your Basic level support. However, if you require more advanced assistance or if your support request is outside the allowable time frame for Basic support, pay-for-support options are available on annual subscription and per incident support basis. The following table provides a brief summary of the different options. Refer to the detailed Server SLA and Desktop SLA for a comprehensive comparison list. Note: For ASUS Eee PC support, please visit the ASUS Eee PC Support Center

Linux: O maravilhoso Xandros Linux Desktop [Artigo]

O maravilhoso Xandros Linux Desktop Linux user jeffestanislau 07/01/2005 Nesse artigo pretendo demonstrar que a instalação do Xandros Linux Desktop é mais fácil do que a instalação do próprio Windows. Na verdade o texto é uma análise bem completa da instalação e pós-instalação dessa nova distribuição que vem sendo muito bem comentada internacionalmente. Por: Jefferson Estanislau da Silva

26 August 2007 08:00

Linux Desktop and Server Operating Systems

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