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September 2009

Image Writer project files

Download project files After you've downloaded a file, you can verify its authenticity using its MD5 sum . (How do I verify a download?)

Installation/FromImgFiles - Community Ubuntu Documentation

# Download the desired .img file # Install the usb-imagewriter package * If your release does not include this, download it from Oliver's PPA * If imagewriter fails to launch, you may need to install python glade2 support. Install the python-glade2 package or Run sudo apt-get install python-glade2 * If your release does not include it and you are running 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope then run this command from the console: o sudo apt-get install usb-imagewriter # Open Applications -> Accessories -> Image Writer * KDE users will find this in Applications -> Utilities -> Image Writer * on some usb-imagewriter versions (console command: imagewriter) the application fails to write if the image path contains blank spaces, exiting with "IndexError: list index out of range". Also, in case you prefer to launch it from the command line, don't forget to sudo it, otherwise it will give a permission error. # Insert your flash media # Select the downloaded file and flash device, and click "Write to Device" # Remove your device when the operation is complete

June 2009

Zoho Accounts

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Welcome to Zoho ! The Zoho Single Sign-on (SSO) system allows you to access multiple Zoho services using a single Zoho ID and Password. If you havent got a Zoho account, register now by clicking on the "Sign Up" link at the right. The registration is simple and easy. Important Note : Not all Zoho services come under Zoho SSO. The ZohoID you choose will not allow you to access other utility services: 24x7, Polls, Viewer, and Challenge. If you want to try out other utility services, you will have to register separately at their respective home pages. All Zoho Services will be brought under Zoho SSO soon.

Ubuntu -- Details of package usb-creator in jaunty

Package: usb-creator (0.1.16) Ubuntu USB desktop image creator This is a simple utility designed to make bootable USB desktop images from Ubuntu CDs.

A GUI to write .img files to USB Keys in Launchpad

A GUI to write .img files to USB Keys A GUI tool to write .img files like produced by the ubuntu-mobile team for UME to USB Keys * Screenshots Uses Launchpad for: Bug Tracking, Code, and Translations. Languages: python, shell Maintainer: Oliver Grawert Driver: Not yet appointed Licenses: GNU GPL v2 - Características gerais

O formato Open Document OpenDocument 1.0 foi publicado pelo grupo OASIS ("Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards"), como um padrão aberto e padronizado. ODF significa Open Document Format (Formato de documento aberto) e é um conjunto de regras para a criação de diversos tipos de arquivos.

October 2008