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February 2010

WineHQ .deb packages archive

The WineHQ .deb packages archive Here you can find older .deb packages for Ubuntu and Debian. These packages used to be hosted in the official APT repository until they were replaced with newer ones. For instructions on using the APT repository to keep updated with current Wine beta packages, visit the WineHQ Ubuntu downloads page. The -dev packages are only needed if you are compiling Winelib applications. In other words, you probably don't need them. If you need old source packages, you can email the package maintainer.

Ubuntu de A a Zip: Instalar programas para Windows no Ubuntu com o Wine

sábado, 13 de fevereiro de 2010 Instalar programas para Windows no Ubuntu com o Wine Esse tutorial vai explicar de forma rápida e direta como instalar o Wine, programa necessário para instalar programas desenvolvidos originalmente para Windows no Ubuntu

August 2009

June 2009

YouTube - kde on windows

Isso é Windows 7 ou KDE 4 ? Adicionado 2:28 [TRADUZIDO] Isso é Windows 7 ou KDE 4 ? [TRADUZIDO] Isso é Windows 7 ou KDE 4 ? Isso é Windows 7 ou KDE 4? Direto da ZD Net da Austrália com legendas em português. video lang: getattr(, 'lang', '') Traduzir Visualizar original (tradução desativada) Vídeo de boaglio 4 meses atrás 11271 exibições boaglio KDE on Windows Adicionado 2:41 [TRADUZIDO] KDE on Windows [TRADUZIDO] KDE on Windows I used coLinux, Xming, and a virtual TAP network to run KDE on Windows. coLinux - Xming - How-To - colinux ... video lang: getattr(, 'lang', '') Traduzir Visualizar original (tradução desativada) Vídeo de 1saac356 1 ano atrás 8868 exibições 1saac356

Cygwin: como instalar

CYGWIN O Cygwin e uma aplicação para Windows que possibilita a emulação do ambiente Linux. O Cygwin e grátis e pode ser encontrado em Uma versão (não completa mas com todas as funcionalidades necessárias) pode ser encontrada aqui. Instalação: 1. Unzip do ficheiro para um directório temporário - c:temp

VirtualBox 3.0 beta 1 | PROGRAMAS LIVRES

VirtualBox 3.0 beta 1 Publicado por João Matos em actualização Etiquetas: actualização, virtualbox, virtualização 1 estrela2 estrelas3 estrelas4 estrelas5 estrelas (sem votações) Os programadores do VirtualBox já criaram a versão 3.0 do seu programa de virtualização.

WineHQ - Wine Announcement

Wine Announcement The Wine maintenance release 1.0.1 is now available. This is a maintenance release from the 1.0 stable branch. It contains only translation updates and small bug fixes.

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May 2009


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KDE on Cygwin is the port of Qt and KDE to Windows using Cygwin, the POSIX emulation layer for Windows, and the Cygwin XFree86 server. We think that KDE is a great desktop and has the opportunity to be a big player in the 'desktop environment' area. One of the main reasons for this is because of the famous Qt library, which is designed to be very platform independent and has already been ported to many operating systems. Hence porting KDE applications from one UNIX derived operating system to another is relatively painless. The one operating system this doesn't hold true for is Windows.

April 2009

Chapter 2. Setting Up Cygwin

Chapter 2. Setting Up Cygwin Table of Contents Internet Setup Download Source Selecting an Install Directory Local Package Directory Connection Method Choosing Mirrors Choosing Packages Download and Installation Progress Icons Post-Install Scripts Troubleshooting Environment Variables Changing Cygwin's Maximum Memory NT security and usage of ntsec NT security Process privileges File permissions NT SIDs in Cygwin The mapping leak The ACL API New setuid concept Switching User Context Special values of user and group ids Customizing bash


Cygwin Documentation * Cygwin User's Guide * Cygwin API Reference * Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file for Cygwin. Some work remains to be done in documenting the Cygwin API. In addition to the Cygwin API Reference and information in the FAQ, you may want to check source code file winsup/cygwin.din which lists all of the Cygwin DLL exports. We have some preliminary docs on how to profile the Cygwin DLL. Information on building and using DLLs is here. Also note that there is quite a lot of useful information in the project mailing list archives.

September 2008